We’ve all basically watched Riley Burruss, daughter of reality star Kandi Burruss, grow before our eyes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well recently 15 year old Riley shared her weight loss transformation which received a lot of positivity. She lost 52 pounds in less than a year by watching her calorie intake and working out 5 times a week with her Personal Trainer, Kory Phillips. Riley went from 220 pounds down to 168 which is incredible as losing weight is not a ride in the park.

Courtesy Instagram

Her Personal Trainer also shared her weight loss transformation image and captioned “All of our sessions have not always been good. We’ve went through all the fussing, crying, catching attitudes, and even down to her passing the hell out but still managing to lose over 50 POUNDS.”

Watch her video as she shares her 4 rules for weight loss success.

Rule number 1 – Take it a day at a time

Weight loss is not a sprint it’s a marathon. One of the hardest mental struggle is wondering how long it’s going to take; that enough can be a damper and prevent you from starting altogether. As the saying goes, small steps lead to big changes.  Fine, you have your long term goal of wearing a size 6 princess dress on your wedding day in 2 years, but you’ll need to figure out the steps that’ll get you there since you can’t magically zap yourself into that image (if wishes came true). When you set small, realistic goals, your big dream will be far more manageable. Seeing yourself achieving your small goals will motivate you and reinforce your desire to achieve the big picture.

Rule Number 2 –  Get a friend on board

Its great to have someone cheer you on, remind you of your goals and pull you back if you’re falling off track. It’s all about accountability.

Rule Number 3 – Be Realistic

If you’ve not been the workout type, or taken much care about your diet, you might want to start off easy by making simple substitutes instead of hard core restrictions. You can opt for healthier options like water with lemons instead of soda, or adding more fruit and veg to your plate and reducing carbs. Be realistic with yourself and keep building from there.

Rule number 4 – Don’t compare yourself with others

Your journey is personal to you. Your lifestyle, age, body type, health status, height, personal preferences etc (this list is not exhaustive) mean that your results and progress will differ from the next person. It’s great to have people with whom you can draw inspiration and learn from. By all means be inspired, and learn from them; but don’t tie your personal expectations or goals to their results.

Despite the struggles, it is clear that Riley has completely transformed; what’s more is that she feels a boost in her confidence. She’s done this for herself and that in itself is worth celebrating.