31- year-old Patricia Bright is a popular Nigerian fashion and beauty Blogger/Vlogger based in London.

In 2015 after much speculation from watchful fans, Patricia was forced to post a video in 2017 admitting she had her boobs enlarged.

A lot of her fans were quite supportive of her but others berated her as they felt she was contradicting herself by preaching “embrace the body you have” and then getting herself a breast augmentation. Understandably fans were aggrieved because Patricia always talked about loving yourself and working with what you’ve got.

In this video she talks about her recent body work. She admits to having liposuction for her belly fat; this happened two and a half years after the birth of her daughter. She explored natural methods like dieting and exercise to get rid of her abdominal fat before opting for liposuction. She explained that although she naturally has a curved spine which makes her stomach protrude, she says “after the baby it poked out more” as she ended up with diastatis recti (abdominal separation).She and her husband Mike welcomed their first child in 2016.

Watch Patricia’s candid revelation as she talks body image, challenges with dieting and exercise and her best advise for anyone considering the same.


On her body image

“I always had an issue with my body”

“I was never someone who embraced my body very much”

“I never got to enjoy my body, and then I had a baby, and then I wanted to enjoy my body, I just felt like trash”


She tried Exercise

She said she got  personal training but when she started losing weight, she experienced weight loss everywhere except her stomach which was her target area.  She didn’t like how she looked “I’ve always been relatively skinny but I never wanted to  be skinny I just wanted to be in the middle”


She tried dieting

“I am not a dieter food is life, life is food”

She admits to being bothered by comments from fans asking whether she is pregnant. To this she states

“I please implore people to not make comments on womens bodies; you never know what they are dealing with”

The comments following the revelation

The comments that came in in relation to her recent confession were mostly positive and supportive.

“I really like how honest you are and living your best life”

“I respect your honesty- thanks for not making an illusion for young girls like me”

However, other commenters weren’t as supportive

“vanity will be the death of a few youtubers”

“This honestly breaks my heart. Young girls are pretty much being told that to be happy with themselves, they will inevitably have to get surgery. If someone as confident as pat falls for it, everyone else will. Sad.”

Conforming to a beauty standard can help with confidence and self esteem as is the case with Patricia who says

“I feel really comfortable with how my stomach looks like (post op)”

She went on “I feel I look like myself but with just a slightly slimmer waist which I’m really happy about”

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