Weight loss story from @fitfabolousmom16
Mum of 3 was bewildered when a friend mistook her for being pregnant, the next day she started on her weight loss journey.
I remember the day that I ran into a long lost friend of mine, she asked if I was expecting and I politely replied back and said no. It hurt my feelings really bad I remember that day like it was yesterday. The very next day I started my weightloss journey I had no clue as to what I was going to do but I made up in my mind I have to get this weight off some way some how. That’s what led me to start this new lifestyle.
Running has truly helped me lose a majority of my weight along with changing my diet. I ran just about everyday 2/3 miles straight cardio. I honestly prefer gym workouts just because of the variety of equipment they offer. The days that I couldn’t make it to the gym I definitely got it in at home. My diet had to change dramatically I went from eating unhealthy foods such as fried foods, sweets, cookies, cakes etc. to eating healthier foods. I love me some baked fish and chicken with fresh vegetables along with water. I sometimes think to myself like I really went from a size 14 to a size 2. It took me roughly a year to get the weight off and once I got to a size that I was comfortable with I started weight lifting to become toned and tighten up any loose skin. I definitely don’t recommend scales in the beginning it’s a big distraction. That was one of my biggest problems when I started, I always weighed myself every other day and I became discouraged at times when the numbers on the scale didn’t move.

My husband finally convinced me to throw away my scales so I could stay focused. When I finally did get back on the scales months later I couldn’t believe I’d lost that much weight. I felt absolutely amazing! My new lifestyle has been awesome my self esteem has sky rocketed through the roof and I just feel great. Needless to say my husband thinks that I’m the most sexiest woman on the planet. I have to thank my husband also because he pushed me and made me accountable for my actions. The days I wanted to throw in the towel he was there to lift me up and encouraged me. Huge shoutout to him. I would recommend C-4 pre-workout and GNC protein awesome stuff ! Last thing my advice to others that are on their journey or even starting out is to never ever give up always give ur best and strive for greatness. Slow progress is always better than no progress and hang around likeminded people. Strength grows in the moments where you don’t think you can go on but you keep pressing through. Love you guys !