Weight loss story from @healthywithcurves
Sharlet shares her weight loss journey with us and gives us an insight into one of her typical leg day routines
What led me to this lifestyle is wanting to see a change within myself. I wanted to actually feel comfortable inside and out. When I first started I got a trainer and we would train 3 days of the week and he required me to be at the gym on the days we weren’t training. I would start by running a mile as a warmup, then we would hit the weights
For a typical leg day:
12-8-6-4 reps starting with low weight going to highest weight
Lunges: 3 sets of 20 each leg
Leg extensions:
12-8-6-4 reps starting with low weight then going the highest weight
Deadlifts: 3 sets of 12-8-6-4 starting with low weight then going into the highest weight
Abs: 4sets of 25 reps
Then 30 minutes of cardio

When it comes to my eating habits, till this day I struggle with it; but I forced myself to push away from the table. Took away fried and fast foods and soda or juice so all I drink is water. I’m still forcing myself to eat all the proper foods since I’m changing my diet.  I’m trying to make it flavorful and tasty but still healthy.
My starting weight was 225 and (let me go step on the scale because I don’t know because I don’t weight myself) I’m currently weighing 175. It took a year to actually get to my goal and I’m still on this journey to lose body fat and build more muscle. My weight does fluctuate but I don’t go far off my current weight.

The hardest part about my transformation is controlling my diet and doing the amount of cardio I should do. To overcome is to force it and not think about it so much. What changed in me is realizing how important your health is and wanting to help others. I started a business called Beautiful for Life. It’s an organization to enhance the beauty through inspiring forums and fashion to the inner and outer beauty. I also launched my personal training company.

I got support from everyone! From my trainer at the gym to the surrounding trainers that were there… my family is a big support and also my church family.
Start this journey for you and not any one else. Find that inspiration by looking in the mirror and loving every inch of yourself and believe you can make a difference.