Weightloss story from @virtueXLew

Trish shares her journey to weightloss and switches to a plant based vegan diet following the miscarriage of her son. Read on to learn how she overcame her challenges

The miscarriage of my son led me on a journey to figure out why my body had betrayed me. The cysts and fibroids on my ovaries grew the size of softballs, which ruptured the amniotic sac that led to the miscarriage. My depression and anger led me to research extensively about these silent health conditions that were plaguing my body. I had no knowledge of fibroids, cysts or what was causing it to grow. The most significant discovery in my research was that hair relaxers and meat consumption are some of the leading causes of fibroids and other female health issues that are swept under the rug, predominately amongst African American women. The more I researched, the more inspired I was to make this lifestyle change. After visiting my doctor, she prescribed me synthroid (artificial hormones) and other medications that caused my hair to fall out and chronic fatigue. I searched for an alternative and more organic way to heal myself, which led me to discover the late great Dr. Sebi. For decades he had been healing people from every disease ranging from the common cold, to cancer, just from fruits, vegetables and switching to a plant based diet. I also discovered documentaries like “Fork over Knives”, “Earthlings,” and “Cow-spiracy.”  They changed my perspectives on food and health, it changed my life.

“The Lord created medicines from the earth, a sensible person would not hesitate to use them”

-Sirach 38:4


To achieve my results, I stopped making excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. The hurt of losing my child was enough motivation to just do it, by any means necessary.  I workout 4 days a week at the gym with exercises varying from boxing, bikram (hot) yoga (just basic stretching minus the religious affiliation) and Zumba. When I don’t make it to the gym, I’ll run or walk laps at the park with my dog. I changed my eating habits by taking baby steps and going at my own pace. I first cut out pork and beef, then gradually chicken, dairy and seafood. The trick was to find vegan substitutes for my favorite dishes and implement them as I transitioned from being a meat eater. I also cut out much of the processed and fast foods. This summer will be two years since I’ve eaten meat. The first 90 days on a plant based diet yielded enough results for me to make it a permanent decision.

My starting weight was 210 and a 14 dress size. The before picture is a week before I decided to make my lifestyle change. Currently, my weight is 158 and a 10 dress size. Sadly, I was always reluctant to take many pictures because I was too self-conscience.  My transformation took about 2-3 years, I was inconsistent and struggled the most my first year. However, my change wasn’t just external, and I still have a ways to go. I am 15 pounds away from my goal weight but don’t want to lose too much weight. The last time I did, I looked like a walking bobble head. LOL.  My next goal is to be toned and fit. But more importantly, I just want to be the healthiest me I can be.  

The hardest part about my transformation was cutting out meat and dairy from my diet. Coming from a Jamaican family, I grew up eating curry chicken, jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtail, rice and peas, you name it. Unfortunately, all the best Caribbean foods I had learned to love and take comfort in were making me ill. The real challenge was family gatherings and being surrounded with the culture and foods that I loved so much. To overcome this, I started to cook a lot more myself and discover vegan recipes. At times I use the same Jamaican spices and flavors for my meals so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. A big misconception people think about the vegan lifestyle is that you’re limited in options. There are over 2,000 fruits and vegetables that are edible to humans, we don’t have to limit ourselves, the recipes are endless.

Since being on this journey, things have changed dramatically for me mentally, spiritually and physically.  In addition to loosing almost 60 pounds, my fibroids and cysts shrunk to nothing, my thyroid levels normalized, I no longer need any prescription medication, my menstrual cycles went from 6-7 miserable days, to 3-4 moderate days.  (That might be tmi but many women are suffering through long painful menstrual cycles unnecessarily.)  My energy levels increased, my skin noticeably cleared up and my hair grows much faster than before. On a deeper level, my mind, spirit and body feel lighter, cleaner and more rejuvenated. At 31 years old, I feel healthier now than I did in my 20’s.

Watching documentaries and educating myself helped along the way. The more you know, the more your mindset shifts and it’s easier to make decisions you know are best for you. No particular products used throughout this journey, but I make sure I detox regularly or get colonic hydrotherapy treatments every few months. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re not LITERALLY full of crap. Lol.

On my days off you can catch me volunteering with the vets, homeless and youth in my community. You can also catch me reading at the beach or park with my music, puppy and a good book. Soaking up the natural vitamin D we know as the sun.

One piece of advice I would give other women ready to make a lifestyle change is to find a reason. Find a reason why you deserve better. Find the reason to love yourself enough to take care of your temple, mentally and physically.  You can eat yourself to death or you can eat yourself to health. Change your mindset, change your life.