Weightloss story from @laniquelifestyle

As a kid I’ve always thought that I didn’t fit in because my shape wasn’t like everyone else’s. I was the curvy girl. I’ve always had a small waist, round hips, and large thighs and I hated it! All throughout high school I always felt like I was a big girl (I wasn’t, but you couldn’t tell me that). I was about 155 lbs and the weight fit my 5’4 frame perfectly. I just didn’t know how to embrace it. By the time I got my first job and did my first year in college, I gained the infamous “Freshman Fifteen” plus fifteen more. After two years of my weight gradually increasing every year, going through a break up, losing some weight with a trainer, getting in a new, healthy and happy relationship, and gaining “relationship weight,” I decided that at my heaviest of 220 lbs, it was time for me to get serious and make a change to better myself and feel comfortable in my body.

I didn’t want my new journey labeled as a “weight-loss journey.” I want this journey to be a fitness lifestyle change. I want to be a better individual by being an overall healthier me instead of going back to my old ways after losing a few pounds. I didn’t want my journey to be based on a number. I chose to make small fitness goals instead, like drinking water for the week, cutting out snacks, and pushing myself to run longer than the week before.  I decided that this go round, because this is my third time doing this, I would change my eating habits and exercise on a daily basis consistently.

My journey officially began August of 2016. I started out by reconnecting with my trainer (Steele Fit) and exercising with her three days out of the week. I never exercised outside of training with her and I knew I had to in order to see better results. I found a friend that had the same goals as me. We became workout partners and exercised at our nearby park three days a week. I was now exercising six days a week. We always ran the track three times, then jumped into our workout doing exercises like squats, walk outs, lunges, tricep dips, step ups, etc. We didn’t have any equipment, except for a park bench and the steps. It was just us, our mats, and the great outdoors.

By the time I hit a month I could see a change in my body, stamina, and endurance. As far as my eating habits goes, I cut out all the yummy treats like: bread, cheese, fast food, sweets, chips, alcohol, soda, and fried foods. I only eat vegetables and meat such as chicken, ground turkey, and fish.  I occasionally eat brown rice but it’s very limited. I also drink a shot of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar every morning and night, and I ONLY drink water. For four months I was on my grind and my body was changing in size every month.

Once I reached four months into my journey, I joined a gym and incorporated weightlifting into my regimen. I saw an incredible difference in my body. The jeans I couldn’t fit comfortably were beginning to fit again. My shirts were looser, my back rolls were getting smaller and my hips were slimming. I was doing so great, I was confident, and I was happy with how far I’d come. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas came. After the holidays, my diet went out the window. I tried my best to stay on track but the unhealthy food and snacks kept calling my name. I still managed to exercise but I started to slack there too. I got into a fitness slump and I didn’t know how to get out. I decided to try new workouts and go to fitness classes at the gym. Thankfully it helped. Now I am six months into my journey. I’ve slowly gotten back on track with healthy eating and consistently going to the gym. I’m very happy with my results so far and even though I’ve fallen off I didn’t let my fallback keep me from getting back up.

Throughout this journey I have regained my confidence again and happily embraced my curves. I’m not done with this journey and I know it is a challenge but it’s something I’m up for. I hope that reading about my journey gives women the strength, motivation and inspiration to be a better YOU. It’s hard in the beginning, middle, and it never really ends.  The challenge is always there. The key to a successful fitness journey is to have determination and consistency. Stay consistent with your workouts and healthy eating and stay determined to reach your goals. Whenever you fall remember to get right back up.