Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett Quotes

What do you do when you have important work to do and a reasonable excuse to enjoy the opportunity of time to yourself?

This was my dilemma a couple of weeks ago  except, I had no real excuse to escape work. I grabbed the chance for some peace and quiet while my children busied themselves on their gadgets and things.

Fuzzy socks on, cup of tea in hand and  nestled in my favourite corner of the sofa,  I then hopped on YouTube for a dose of womanhood inspiration.

I tuned into the King Women Series by renowned Nigerian filmmaker, television director and music video director, Kemi Adetiba.

The interview- based series debuted on Monday 3rd April 2017 and features ‘Nigeria’s powerful women of veteran and champion status, as they tell their stories, like never heard before.’

I’d watched the episodes of some of the incredible women of the series-Ayodeji Megbope, Tara Durotoye, Remi Fagbogun, Jumoke Adenowo, Chigurl- some years back and remembered how moved I was by their intimate revelations and fortitude.

There’s just something about hearing another woman’s ‘grass to grace’ story that helps you get clearer on the woman you want to become and fills you with the confidence to believe remarkable things are possible for you aswell.

Cosied up in my favourite spot, I tuned into the 2 part episode featuring veteran Nigerian actress Taiwo Ajai-Lycett -in the interview she opens up about her early life as a teen mum and the challenges she faced, paving her acting career and finding true love.

Part 1:

The interview is a treasure I will return to. I took notes, cried and felt incredibly refreshed by her fountain of wisdom. Her formidable spirit and charisma made the interview a delight to watch.

I couldn’t keep all this goodness to myself- so below are the links for the 2 part episode and my top 7 quotes from the awe-inspiring interview:

On paving your own path in life

“I don’t believe in luck, because for instance I believe you make your own luck; you make your own way. You create your own fortune and I’m not talking about money. You create your own path; you take your own journey- nobody is going to lead you anywhere. You spend your time waiting for someone to do it for you, you’re wasting your time.”

On enduring life’s challenges

“The more I go, the more polished I become, the more refined I get. The greater the fire that I go through, I come out o ever so composed, refined and a little more savvy and clear headed.”

On the need for knowledge

“Your face can look like the back of a bus and people would want to know you because it’s what you’re selling that attracts them. It’s your mind that attracts them. It’s the mind that informs everything that we do. That’s the engine.”

On embracing your beauty

“Make a statement about who you are. I don’t blend in to please anybody If they think I’m not easy on the eye, because I haven’t got a conventional look. That’s not my job to make anything easy for anybody in that sense- but it’s my job to be authentic.”

On ageing

“If you lose enthusiasm for life, you’re going to lose energy.”

On caring for your body

“You’re housing God inside you. You’re the temple. For that reason, you must take of your body.

On the true meaning of love

“Love is not in the groin. Love is between your ears. Love is there (the heart), love is service, love is trust, love is giving; its not just taking.”

Part 2: