Spring is in the air and she’s sending a waft of inspiration. With the lighter days and weather getting warmer, I feel energised and motivated to recoil from winter slumber. Spring has that effect and its why I get the reasoning behind why Chinese New Year follows the Lunar Calendar. In fact, within Chinese culture and East Asian nations, the celebration is often known as the Spring Festival.

This season of hope and new beginnings can serve as a powerful muse for sparking new ideas and creativity in various aspects of life- including your fitness lifestyle.

It’s a season to step into the gym with confidence, showcasing your unique style and embodying the spirit of renewal as you strive to become the best version of yourself.

Let’s dive in as we share what to consider when selecting gym outfits for spring and key features to ensure style and functionality.


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Sweat wicking

As the temperature gets warmer, breathable fabrics become essential to keep you cool and comfortable during workouts. Look for moisture-wicking materials like Dri-fit or mesh panels that allow for optimal airflow and sweat absorption. When purchasing leggings for example, get a good feel of the fabric and read online reviews prior to purchase. Before buying multiple colours in a style you like, make sure you’ve put one through a sweat busting workout to see how they feel and if they allow for enough range of motion. I’ve learned the hard way that purchasing multiple items solely based on their style can lead to regrets. I have a drawer of uncomfortable leggings that cost too much to throw out. Also sometimes, simply sizing up for certain styles will give you the comfort and freedom of movement during your workout. Leggings particularly should feel like your second skin because common exercises like walking, running, jumping and climbing heavily engage the leg muscles. They shouldn’t feel restrictive when moving or too loose to the point where your workout is interrupted from constantly pulling them up.

Light Layers

You’re going to sweat during a workout regardless of the season but in warmer weather it can be frustrating if you have no option to strip down. Also, spring weather can be unpredictable, so having layering options is key. opt for lightweight, versatile pieces like tank tops, long-sleeve tops and zip-up jackets that you can easily add or remove as needed during your workout. A useful tip that might not immediately come to mind is to exercise either before sunrise or after sunset during the spring and summer seasons for enhanced comfort.

Be bold and vibrant

If spring speaks, I hear ‘black be gone’ ‘colour’ ‘freedom’ ‘be seen’. Observing nature in spring offers abundant inspiration. It’s a season for embracing colour and vibrancy, so don’t be afraid to incorporate bold colours and playful prints into your gym outfits. Black leggings tend to be the most flattering, but I do rather like colour and patterns. Bright clothes have a way of making me feel happy, confident, energised. Try it for yourself; a fun outfit can bring you to a positive headspace and spur you on for a great workout.


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I often wear workout clothes to run errands, school drop offs or casually at home. Comfort and versatility are top of my priority when buying gym clothes. Also, look out for gym outfits that transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor workouts. Consider pieces like high-waisted leggings you can wear with crop tops or shorts with pockets for storing essentials during outdoor runs or hikes. Sunglasses and hats serve as practical outdoor essentials that also enhance your style and cool factor  between seasons.

Feel-good footwear

Whether you’re engaged in strength training, running, or hiking, it’s important to feel at ease. These activities can often be challenging without the added discomfort. Look for features like cushioning, stability, and breathability to ensure optimal performance, support and comfort.

Functional accessories

When functionality meets style it’s a win. The crew sock is one such example. They are on trend and are an easy way to take your gym look from basic to bawse. Style your crew socks over your leggings with a pair of white trainers and a sweatshirt. Throw on oversized fashion or sports glasses for an effortless look (sunglasses with UV protection is essential). Other functional accessories like sweat wicking headbands, caps, beanies and visors add an element of style and enhance your overall comfort and performance during workouts.

Sun Protection

Staying hydrated is the first step to maintaining healthy skin. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after workouts to stay hydrated and help prevent dehydration-related skin issues like dryness and sunburn. If you’re planning outdoor workouts, don’t forget skin protection. I love using shea butter for its skin-nourishing and protective qualities, especially when training outdoors regardless of the season. Sun, wind and pollutants can be damaging to skin if care isn’t taken. Clothing wise, opt for lightweight, breathable clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Look for clothes with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to provide additional sun protection.

So, remember these key points when picking out your spring gym gear, and you’ll be ready to rock your workouts in style and comfort.

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