We’re diving into the remarkable fitness journey of Tunde Oyeneyin, a beloved Peloton instructor. With her signature red lip and infectious energy, Tunde captivates millions as she leads exhilarating spin classes. As riders pedal furiously to her motivating cues, they may assume that confidence has always come naturally for her. Despite projecting confidence while leading Peloton classes, 36-year-old Oyeneyin revealed that growing up, she faced challenges with her weight and confidence, reaching a point where she weighed 200 pounds. In this post, we’ll delve into the turning point that sparked her weight loss journey, explore her secrets to staying consistent with workouts, and uncover her invaluable advice for others on a similar path.


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Her turning point

Oyeneyin faced challenges related to weight, self-esteem, and confidence, particularly highlighted by her experience as a bridesmaid unable to fit into the dress for her aunt’s wedding. At the time, Tunde was in high school. Her Nigerian mother’s words served as a wake-up call, motivating her to start making changes. Oyeneyin, took proactive steps to improve her health and lifestyle by starting to work out and eat healthier.

During an interview on Today show she shared:

“I was overweight. I had low self esteem. Low confidence. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in one of my aunt’s wedding. this is years ago. in high school I was supposed to be a bridesmaid. I couldn’t fit the dress my mother had to sew two together so I could wear the same as everyone. that was my rock bottom. Mom said if you want change, you have to make a change. so, I started working out. started eating healthy. I was a makeup artist for 15 years. Loved my job until I hated it. Woke up one day, and hated it. I decided again that if I wanted to change things up I had to change things up and found fitness.”


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She’s all for 10-minute workouts

Oyeneyin was featured as a guest on Good Morning America, where she was questioned about maintaining consistency in workouts. She proceeded to share her insights:

“it’s all about creating goals that are accessible think bite size shoes. I follow what I call the 10 minute rule or the 10 rule. so the 10 rule is really about creating goals that are not only accessible but achievable hTink about working out 10 minutes a day three to four times a week. How does that Sound? 10 minutes a day…so here’s the catch you kind of trick yourself because you tell yourself you’re gonna work out for 10 minutes and then nine times out of ten your workout far surpasses that.”.


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10-minute workouts are a convenient way to fit exercise into a busy schedule and serve as an initial step towards a solid exercise habit. With just 10 minutes, you can bridge the gap between procrastination and action, making it accessible for everyone to just do it!

Tunde’s advice for 10-minute workouts is to:

  • Dress comfortably in an outfit that makes you feel good and allows movement.
  • Set a timer on your smartphone or smartwatch for 10 minutes and focus solely on exercising during that time.
  • After the timer goes off, decide whether to continue or stop for the day, with the reminder that even 10 minutes is better than zero.

Oyeneyin, featured in a Business Insider column, attributed part of her success and consistency to a strong routine, including exercising every morning at a consistent time.

“I’m a creature of habit”, she said.

Oyeneyin mentioned to Women’s Health that she doesn’t really have any workouts she dislikes. When she’s not leading a class, she engages in strength training, Pilates, yoga, or running.

Her diet is mean, clean and lean

Oyeneyin provided insight on what she eats in a day in an interview with 9Honey Coach.

Breakfast:  For breakfast, Oyeneyin starts her day with two cups of warm or room temperature water with lemon to kickstart her body.

“ I like to get in a good fat in the morning, like an almond butter. Something that’s going to make me feel full, maybe a banana, smoothies, or eggs or oats. Oats are always really wonderful in the morning. Just focus on protein and good fats.”

Lunch: Oyeneyin mentions that typically, lunch is her largest meal of the day. However, if she has a class to teach later in the afternoon or evening, around four or five o’clock, she opts for a lighter lunch instead. She admits to being teased about her love of salads, but she pays no mind and considers herself “one of the world’s greatest salad makers.”

“I just usually chop everything up or throw it in a bowl, add some protein. If you cut me open avocado would spill out of my body, I love avocado so much. I’ll add some olive oil, lemon salt, pepper on anything.”

Dinner: “I usually do shrimp or chicken with maybe a smart carb like a sweet potato, or quinoa, or some brown rice. Or if my salad was really good, then I just have the leftover salad!”

Snacks: Oyeneyin ensures she has a variety of nuts, like almonds or cashews, stored in her bag alongside a protein shake. This preparation allows her to have a convenient snack available when she’s out and about.

A sufficient intake of protein, carbs, and healthy fats is essential for optimising performance fuel.

Dessert:  Oyeneyin has a penchant for desserts featuring ice cream, such as cookies, brownies, or cake topped with ice cream. If it has ice-cream, it’s a yes for her.

She’s for progress over perfection

During her appearance on the Today Show, she was tasked with providing guidance to individuals who set goals and seek instant gratification. She emphasised the importance of patience, acknowledging that achieving goals often takes longer than expected. Oyeneyin cautioned against the mindset of wanting immediate results and encouraged perseverance and consistency in the pursuit of long-term success.


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“Progress not perfection. Give yourself attainable goals as relates to fitness or anything other. give yourself attainable goals. When people start out on the journey they have x goal and want to achieve and it they want it in two weeks. Give yourself bite size chews because you need wins to continue. start small. Feel that win. That win will motivate you for the next one.”

Tunde’s honesty about her struggles with weight and confidence offers a guiding light for individuals encountering similar struggles. Through examining her journey of personal growth and the methods she uses to stay consistent, we’ve gained valuable truths applicable not only to fitness but also to navigating through life.

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