Weight gain story from @sugeilygrmn

I’ve been battling the disease Irritable bowel syndrome since I was like 12 years old. That made me never want to eat because after eating I would have those insane cramps in my stomach for hours. So I was always skinny, I could like eat fatty foods but I wouldn’t gain weight. In school I was always bullied that I looked like a tooth pick because I was so skinny. Then 1 year ago I got pregnant and after having my baby girl I lost all my weight all over again. I was only left with pregnancy belly fat and bloating.

Then January this year I came across the Instagram Page Afro girl fitness. I would sit everyday looking at everybody’s testimony about gaining weight. Then I just got up at the end of January and I said “now it’s my time”, I just changed my life drastically.

I just went on youtube and looked for hours everything about gaining weight and fitness. I began my first two week to fitness at home everyday. Then I started using protein powder and all those things. I would train 4 days a week for like 2 hours and then 3 days rest in between (4 days on 3 days off). I made a own training schedule and it worked just perfectly.

With training I changed all of my eating habits, that’s the most important thing to do. Eat healthy so you can see growth. I stopped drinking soda, eating sweets, fried food and also stopped eating pork. Being where I was, I started drinking a lot of water (6 cups a day), making all sorts of healthy smoothies with fruits and vegetables, only eating fish and chicken, also every morning drinking hot lemon water to get rid of the bloating.

I’m now 8 weeks into my weight gain journey. I began with a weight of 98lbs, 8 weeks later I am now 110lbs. The hardest part of my weight gain journey is to keep eating healthy, because there are so many distractions with junk food and sweets. I really had to keep my thinking straight and keep my mind and eyes on the great progress I was making.

I’m really thankfull that I began this journey because before I was always sick or I had no energy to do anything. Now i feel like I’m alive again. I feel fit, i’m happy with myself and I just feel really beautiful. There’s still a long way to go and i haven’t reached my goal yet but the change and progress is really just amazing to see.

My husband is my biggest support in all of this he’s always helping me to find new healthy recipes, he helps me when I have muscle pain and all of that. I would give everyone the advice to surround yourself with positive people that wanna see you win and you will see that all that positivity will just give you the strength to reach higher and bigger places!