Niece Black girl weight lossWeight loss story from @niece_see

In 2013, I reached a low point in my life. My grades were slipping (which caused me to be ineligible for Delta Sigma Theta at the time) my mother and step father were going through a divorce and I was going through a break up from a “situationship”. I felt like God was the only person I could turn to. That summer I literally just walked and talked with Jesus. Walking turned into jogging, jogging turned into running.

That summer I weighed in at 245 and at the end I was 215.

2014 started to look up for me, and I entered into my first real relationship. I thought I was in love and gained some “relationship weight” and got back up to 225, but was comfortable because he, “loved me” as I was. That relationship was shortly lived and in late 2015 we broke up, but I took it out on the gym. 2016 was my “glow up” year and I got down to 190, which I am still currently at. I remained focussed and stayed dedicated to my Zumba class. Three days a week for 1 hour, I would participate in Zumba and Two days I would go to the gym (total of 5 days) . In the gym I would watch a Netflix show on my phone while on the elliptical for 1 hour and lift light weights. I also went on Groupon and tried several kickboxing classes at an affordable price.

Looking back on my eating habits for my journey, I have permanently cut out- sodas, and fast foods. I also have made healthier replacements, such as Halo Top ice cream ( which I absolutely LOVE) and Bolt House products for my salad dressings. Another major change to my diet is that I eat breakfast and I have a cup of coffee (although I am trying to find a replacement to prevent my teeth from staining). For breakfast I would have cereal with 2 percent milk, fruit and coffee. I may switch it up with adding a boiled egg every now and then if I woke up early enough.


When it comes to dieting, I believe a person must sit back and reflect on the items that they consume. My weakness was sodas and sweets, so limiting those items helped me tremendously. For someone who already doesn’t consume those things, they might have to see what’s a weak area in their diet because every BODY is different. A major key factor is also water consumption. I have water all around me at all times!

This year 2017, I feel my best; and I must say the way people look at me is different now. I have a hard time adjusting to this new image because its only been a couple of years since I really noticed that people treat me differently just based off of how I look.

Some advice I would give to women is this – don’t do it for anybody but yourself even if you’re by yourself. So if you don’t always have a gym partner you should push yourself because you don’t share your body with anyone else. Ladies in college…freshmen 15 or in my case sophomore 40 is real and on campus dining isn’t always the best option. At the end of the day I just thank God for healing me spiritually, emotionally and physically because without him, I wouldn’t have been able to discover this healthier me.