Weight loss story from @infinitewater_

Shana shares her experience with PCOS and gives us information on her weight loss journey

So, my journey began officially in 2014 (November to be exact), what led me to change my entire outlook on nutrition/food and my overall health was being diagnosed with PCOS—Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; This diagnosis was shocking to me, as well as, what catapulted me on my journey—In fact, I remember as if it were yesterday I woke up feeling like I could no longer go on the way that I was; physically I was unable to keep up despite what others saw…I was tired, sleeping a lot and I simply felt SICK, my body was constantly aching and it all came from the excess amount of weight (at the time my highest was 298lbs) I am only 5’1 in height, I would work out prior to all of this, I tried the diets, portion control and it would only work temporarily. Unbeknownst to me, I had PCOS working against me (plus I would stress eat whenever I got stressed/felt helpless). Anyway, I suffered terribly from menstrual cramps only difference was that I was not having my regular monthly cycle. I would only experience this twice a year, THREE times if I am lucky (SIGH) So once I got diagnosed my doctor immediately recommended and placed me on METFORMIN (**Which btw is not directly treating PCOS and in my humble opinion from my personal experience HELP TO COMBAT IT** but they do not have any specific medicine for it, at least this is what I was told).

I tried the Metformin pills for about a month. It made me sick and somehow I kept gaining more weight and my menstrual cycle did not improve. I took myself off those pills, began my research and decided once and for all something HAD TO GIVE and that something would be me giving up on myself. So, I fought for my life—I was armed with new information this go-around with attempting to lose weight, the fact that PCOS played a huge role in my health crisis; I researched HOLISTIC options, tried a few and went to work on my nutrition before I began the work out portion.

The first thing I stopped eating was rice. That was no small task LOL I am Jamaican and rice is a main staple in our food culture—the rice would have me feeling bloated etc., then I cut out meat for a while due to the hormones in them (pork etc.,) long story short things began to change. I recognized the difference in how I was feeling emotionally, I got a boost in my energy so I kept at it with eating plant based/nutritious foods and still researching holistic ways to improve myself.

Then, came the working out part. I started off slowly, I ran outdoors, at the gym and worked out at home. I could not even run half of a block in the beginning then I was able to run longer distances; I would set goals for myself, I did challenges, I worked out with my aunt who constantly encouraged me. Once I got stronger and began to trust my body and the process things got easier—I began doing two-a-day workouts. The pounds began to melt away, MY COMPLEXION IMPROVED!!!(S/O TO WATER AND PLANT BASED FOODS)  THE PIGMENTATION OF MY SKIN IN THE BEFORE PICTURES ALWAYS SHOCK PEOPLE, In fact I have been asked recently if I was BLEACHING MY SKIN SMH.

At the beginning (2014) of my Journey I was 298lbs, diagnosed with PCOS, in addition to having 8 cysts on my ovaries.

As of 2016, In February my GYN informed that all 8 cysts were gone, my PCOS has been reversed (thanks to the Holistic and plant based approach I chose and have been taking). BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY MY MENSTRUAL CYLCE HAS NOT MISSED A MONTH. My current weight is about 155lbs (I will know for sure at my upcoming doctors appointment) I DO NOT KEEP A SCALE AT HOME, I HAVE NEVER BEEN TOO BIG ON THEM. I HONESTLY AIM TO NOT FOCUS ON THE NUMBERS.