Weightloss story from @colbster96

One of the things that led me to make this lifestyle change was seeing myself on Christmas last year. I had to have been at the highest weight of my life and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. As a result I went on my schools gym website and researched some workout classes to go to. So on Monday I go to the spin cycling class and work out for an hour, from Tuesday through to Thursday I work out for and hour and a half by doing the abs class then go straight to the Zumba class.

When it came to my eating habits my personal trainer had me on a high protein diet, so for breakfast I eat eggs with a meat and a little fruit on the side. Lunch is my biggest meal so I’ll eat 2 servings of meat (chicken, fish, turkey) and a dark green vegetable (broccoli, spinach, kale), before my workouts I’ll eat a snack (nuts, or a piece of fruit) and for dinner I’ll eat my protein and my dark green vegetables with water. If I still don’t feel satisfied I eat more protein.

When I started on this journey I weighed 245.5 lbs, my current weight is 222.3 lbs. To get to where I am now it took about 6 weeks. I think the hardest part of my transformation was not reverting back to my bad eating habits, and the main reason I overcame that was literally looking at other women’s transformations on afrogirlfitness for that motivation and praying that the Lord will keep me on the right track. Some of the things that have changed with me would have to be that my energy is better, my hair is a lot healthier, my skin is clearer, and I just feel good about myself and love myself more and more each day. I definitely would have to say my trainer has been a great help throughout my journey and she’s still helping me, in addition, the ladies on afrogirlfitness have kept me going, but most importantly the Lord himself has gotten me through it all, I couldn’t do any of this without him. There hasn’t been any product to help me, just plain old eating right and exercising. Advice I’d give to another woman would have to be, if you really want it, do it and don’t let anyone stop you from being the best version of you.