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I have a powerful idea that I think would be useful for anyone on a weight loss Journey. The premise is about how critical it is to properly define workout goals in a way that increases a person’s ability to be successful AND how powerful it is to find more non-traditional ways to measure results of all of your hard work (i.e. not relying primarily on the scale).

This year I started my own journey to become physically fit.  I set ONE goal and that is to be consistent. But what is consistency really? and what exactly does it mean to be consistent?   I FINALLY realized after 38 years on earth and many, many failed attempts to lose weight and be healthy that to be successful, I had to define consistency in a way that made sense to ME.  Most articles talk about what your workout regimen should look like each week which is all based on working out at least 3x per week, etc so naturally this is where I always started and why I ultimately failed many, many, many, many times before.

1. Set your own goals

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I learned that the key to being successful is to first define things in ways that are specific to YOU.
It was only this year that I finally, I said to myself, “OK, Dija.  You don’t workout at all so at this moment, working out 1 day a week on a consistent basis is your goal.”  Let me tell you, IT WAS HARD to be consistent with one day, which is why I always failed when starting with 3, but I persevered.  Once I gained confidence with consistently working out one day, then I added a second, then a third, etc.  I have built myself up to consistently working out 6 days a week for 7 months straight, and most importantly I am no longer defined by my past failed attempts to ‘get in shape’ or a believer in the ‘if you are not working out 3 days a week then you pretty much aren’t working out’ school of thought.   I AM CONSISTENT – and naturally, the results have followed.

2. Try waist beads – ditch the scale

Now, I will admit that I am also one who LOVES to see results of all my effort read out on the scale but I learned (again after 38 years on this earth) that:

using the scale as a primary means of measuring progress can be quite discouraging since the numbers will sometimes go in the wrong direction

Lupita Nyong’o wearing waist beads

Given this and the power this little tool has to make me quit (a complete no-no when your goal is to be consistent), I decided that I would not rely on it as a primary tool to measure my progress nor would I allow the scale to make me quit.  One IGer I know uses some waist beads from West Africa — I am half-Nigerian so I plan to ask my dad if he can get me some based on what she shared with me!!

3. Find your goal dress!

So what other more non-traditional approach did I take to measure progress?  I pulled out an old, hot pink, seamless, short, skin tight dress of mine and I take pictures along the way in that same dress!  I was surprised at how powerful this method is for measuring results of hard work when it is not visible on a scale.

Dija in her goal dress

In closing, I hope this encourages you to be consistent and to realize how important it is to properly define goals for yourself in a way that increases your chances of success.   This is something that took me a while to learn and was completely contrary to everything that I had read about when researching how to get in shape or specifically, how to lose weight.  Its useful to ask others about other non-traditional ways they measure their fitness and weight loss progress The beauty of sharing more non-traditional approaches is that it may be the reason someone keeps going, which makes them consistent, which brings results and CONFIDENCE.   Sharing my experience and helping others find ways to achieve their goals is what I am incredibly passionate about.  It just makes me feel so darn good!

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