Following a diagnosis of Lumbar Scoliosis, Manou had no choice but to start on her weight loss journey to alleviate the excruciating back pain that ensued. Lumbar Scoliosis is a medical condition where a persons spine curves sideways. It can affect any one of any age but most often starts in children between ages 10-15. Some adults may require surgery depending on the degree while in most cases, the condition is managed with pain relief medication. Read on to learn how Manou lost 50lbs in 9 months which eased away her back pain.

My name is Manoucheka Larrieux , everyone calls me Manou. I am a college student. I sometimes lead worship at my Church gathering. I live in south Florida and I’ve been here since I was 1 year’s old.

What got me started on my journey

I’ve always been a little heavier since the age of 10. I weighed 175 pounds in the ninth grade. My lifestyle change happened for me when I was having severe lower back pain.  In 2015 my chiropractor told me I had Lumbar Scoliosis which meant the heavier I got the more my back couldn’t support me.

How I did it

Losing weight helped my lower back pain caused by Lumbar scoliosis.  I can stand and walk for hours now! First thing I did was cut off fast food, it’s been over 3 years since I’ve eaten McDonald’s, Burger King etc. I became vegetarian and I’ve been for the past year and seven months. I tried a 40 days juicing fast after watching “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” which I failed after five days. Then I started eating healthily, like super healthy, like there was no such thing as cheat days HEALTHY. I paid for the whole year at Youfit  and  got to work. I Worked out for five to six days a week. Thirty minutes to an hour cardio which consists of running on the treadmill or the stair master then Abs or butt. As I learned about my body I saw that I needed to add weights, I had no time for loose skin. I LOVE food, if you wanted a photo of me, you’ll catch a spoon in my mouth first. I just really had a goal to be healthy and look my best.

My results? 9 months, 50lbs down

My heaviest was 215lbs, cutting fast food got me down to 203. I am at 165 in the morning in the afternoon I’m weighing at 169. I used to be a size 15 in pants now I’m at a size 9/10. Shirts from XL to a medium. We’re looking at 9 months, 50lbs down.

My challenges could not stop me!

In this journey hitting a plateau was my breaker. My weight wasn’t going anymore. I was asking for help all over and most people wanted me to take a pill or something but I had to change up my routine, I did intense cardio using weights, Interval workouts pretty much, ate less carbs, drunk more water and was able to get it out of it.

There are Perks to this new life

I love going to the mall knowing there will be clothes that will fit me. I do forget that I’m no longer a size XL, find myself grabbing it sometimes. I can run longer, breath better, I have a lot more energy. I would never go back to being a 215lbs. When I started this journey at 15lbs down not everyone was okay with it. I was doing something that could help me and to not get much support was difficult. My family and a couple of my friends were my motivation and were super happy for me except my Haitian mother who thought I was starving myself. Others just wanted me to stop because they didn’t want me to catch up to them. Whatever that means, little did they know this had nothing to do with them. I have a graduation, Proposal, and upcoming interviews in the near future that I wanted to look my best for. My boyfriend who had a big impact in my journey, has motivated me and pushed me through all of this. He’s watched me grow during this time, he has never made me feel out of place. He’s just been great. I only take multivitamins and B12. I can honestly say losing weight has brought such confidence I never knew I had.

Days off?

You can probably catch me on my off days Working out, studying, asking God am I in His will; hoping not to fail Him.  I want you to know that you will fail at times, you won’t hit your goals every time, you won’t have everyone on your side but remember why you started, your almost there, have faith in yourself because God already has faith in you. I hope this brought nothing but encouragement from me to you and for you to share. Stay Blessed, for real!!

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