Linda was spurred to make changes to her way of life when she no longer liked the fit of clothes on her body. She first started by taking long walks and eliminating junk food from her diet a week at a time. Over the course of 3 years, with these simple changes she was able to lose 95 pounds.

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Tell us a little about yourself 

My name is Linda and nickname is lindorsweetness because I love Lindtt chocolate. . I work as a travel consultant and my hobbies are working out, and doing hair

I am a middle child of a family of, born and raised in Toronto, Canada and I couldn’t be any happier. An interesting fact about myself is I have a laughing problem and have an awkward wig collection.

What led you to want to make a lifestyle change?

The main reason I decided to make a lifestyle change was because I felt uncomfortable with the way I looked in almost everything I wore. I felt ugly at times, felt extremely unhealthy but continued to eat junk because that was ultimately my happiness until it came to a point where I over ate and couldn’t breathe, and was tired when walking short distances.

What did you do to achieve your results? Tell us about your workout routine do you prefer gym or home workouts?

I decided to start light, with long park walks until I got comfortable enough to move at a quicker pace. Right before you know it, I was jogging at a normal pace and happy about my progress. Jogging absolutely made my weight drop entirely.

How did you change your eating habits?

I started removing certain junk foods from my diet one week at a time. I also started eating regularly through the day instead of one huge meal and starving throughout the rest of the day.

What was your starting weight/dress size? What is your current weight/dress size?

My starting dress size was an XL at about 250 pounds and I now stand at 155 pounds and squeeze myself right into a small.

How long did your transformation take?

My transformation took about 3 years due to bad dieting and my inconsistency.

What was the hardest part about your transformation? how did you overcome it?

The hardest part was removing majority of my junk food intake and figuring out recipes for me to enjoy. I overcame it with meal preps and rewarding myself with a treat by the end of the week.

Were there days you felt like quitting?

They’re always days you feel like quitting until you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the old you anymore.

How have things changed with you in general?

I feel much lighter and healthier. My skin has cleared up and I’m now determined to help others reach their goals as well.

Who or what helped you along your journey?

The gym and a nice home cooked meal helped me along my journey.

What might we catch you doing on your days off?

On my off days I make wigs for my customers.

What piece of advice would you give other women looking to start on their own lifestyle change/fitness journey?

It’s hard to get fit but it’s even harder to look in the mirror and dislike what you see. At the end of the day your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind you must first convince. You never get what you wish for, but get what you work for. Your main focus shouldn’t be on results but to strive towards change mentally and physically! Learn to fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself!

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