Weight loss story from @naa_getsfit

Nana shows that not feeling confident in your body is a crippling, terrifying thing, and there’s no way around it until you create one – which she did and she shares her story here with us.

I grew up surrounded by tall, skinny, beautiful friends and colleagues. But I was the short, plumpy, I guess the chubbiest throughout high school and freshman year of tertiary. I tried eating well, turned to fad diets yet nothing seemed to work for me. I got tired of being looked down upon for being the big girl with little or no self confidence. I decided to change my way of life so I can renovate the old me, create a new self and learn to love myself each passing day.

I started working out at least 30mins a day, 5 times a week to achieve natural weightloss results. All designated workout routines made sure every area of the body was neatly attacked throughout the week, from Full body workouts, Lower body workouts, mid section workouts and then onto an area like the arm that needed extra attention to rip fat off.

A lot had to change about my diet after falling victim for fad diets and unnecessary fixes countless times. I loved junk foods; it was always sugar or sweet flavored stuff for me and I hated fruits and veggies then but I can confidently say I love them more each passing minute. Now I spent (still spending) lots of time to research diets, healthy meals and stuff I could do in my spare time, that would make me eat well, build up my will power and help me make good habits/choices, and continue to live with them.

All my life until now, I have scale phobia, too scared to step on the scale so I could save my “pity self” from the comments, both weird weird and funny. But the last time I had confidence to step on one before the journey, it was 89.50kg/197.31lbs and my current weight is 64kg/141.1lbs. It’s taken me 15months of ups and downs, yeah it’s part of the game to have lost those pounds and tone the sagging mummy skin. I’m not ashamed to admit it at least I’m a bit healthier than I used to be. 

The hardest part about my transformation for me was when I lost my new self to grief and pain. I lost my dad, one of my biggest cheerleaders, my motivator. After the tragic incident, I notice I’d hit a plateau, gained back some few pounds. After some time I built a different inspirational well, I knew I had to stand up and work harder to stay strong and healthy rather than dying weak.

Generally, I call these changes non-scale victories:
1. Time management; this lifestyle change has improved my sense of time. Sometimes combining the life of a student, part time worker and a fitness addict can be hectic.
Days when you have to show up at 7am for lectures, 9-10am be at the office, and still not miss your workout sessions.
2. Self confidence; This is all to say, I have begun to love my body for the first time in my life. I made this choice on my own, it’s not because society pressured me to and I’ve held myself accountable for once. I made the choice to feel good about myself and this time, It’s actually stuck. I no longer look away from mirrors / cameras and I have started to believe peoples’ compliments.
3. Health; I feel healthy, eat better and exercise almost every day

God has been my secret throughout the journey and my mum is being extra supportive.
I didn’t and still don’t use any supplement… just my green tea and lemon with warm water sometimes.

My advice for people looking to start on their own lifestyle change or fitness journey is ditch/forget the quick fixes, be sure to work and enjoy each process throughout and do whatever it takes to find the real you instead of being daunted ny the rest of the world