Destiny Amaka is an actress, TV presenter and Radio girl on Cool FM Lagos; and philantropist. Her weightloss pictures surfaced on social media platforms in 2016 where her body change was met with much criticism from some and congratulatory comments from fans. She shares with us her weightloss journey from a bad break up to fit and fabulous.


Tell us how your fitness journey started.

My name is Destiny Amaka I’ve been in the entertainment industry my entire life from acting, modelling, TV radio presenter, producer and so forth. As you know image is everything in this industry and confidence has a lot to do with how you look and feel about yourself. I wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt; I had constant back and knee pain, loss of energy and didn’t like the fact that food controlled my life. Also I wasn’t happy with how I was being constantly objectified by men who where in awe of my unique figure, large hips and small waist. I felt I had more to offer but I found it difficult to have them look past that. I’ve tried as long as I know to lose weight which isn’t the difficult part, as keeping it off was the real challenge.

During a bad break up, my body did something its never done before; and that was a loss of appetite. I lost a drastic amount of weight during this short time (6 weeks) and when my appetite returned I realised portion control would be the success to maintaining the weight loss and so I began to eat what I wanted but in smaller portions and slowly very slowly replace certain types of food like rice for boiled plantain, beans, and more protein rich foods. For the first time the gm didn’t play a major role. I would weigh myself on sundays in preparation for the week ahead and I would determine how tight I needed to be or how much space I had to be free with food choices. My goal was to get to 70kg from 89kg; and as long as I didn’t gain additional weight, I was ok with just work ing on going down, keeping track and working harder or smarter on the next week. I ate what I wanted but at smaller portions. So where I used to finish a whole box of pizza I would only have 2 slices and then another two hours later; also, if I eat out I wouldn’t finish my plate and I’d  always have a doggy bag. This became  a habit and I looked forward to having the other half when I returned home or for the next day.

How long did your transformation take?

My heaviest 98, but started weight loss when I was 89kg I now weigh 62kg and I’m 1.75cm. It took 2 years and I went from a size 16 to 10. This part was so much fun and exciting and at first people around me where happy and then I was being told it was too much but for the first time I was happy with how I felt and looked, I had so much more energy and my confidence was off the wall. That is until blogs started shaming me and saying I had HIV or some kind of deadly sickness, I paused and felt insecure all over again. I had to have a conversation with myself and in that I discovered that I was happy and loving the slimmer me and wanted to continue with this new lifestyle. I stopped posting gym pictures of me so to avoid trolls online and just decided to enjoy my life as long as I was truly happy and healthy. People’s Opinions no longer affect me; instead I understand the shock they must feel when they see my before and after and its only those who know my before that have an issue with my now.
What was the hardest part about your journey?
The hardest part was controlling my portions and getting myself to stop eating when I wanted more. I increased meat and fish and things that I enjoy most which was better than the load of carbs I used to consume.

How have people taken to your weightloss?

Friends family all feel its too much but they will have to adapt and get used to it because I love how I look and feel in clothes and my health is so much better; and I sleep better too!


How have things changed with you in general?

Self love has maximised (I agree its a shame I had to lose weight for that to happen) but I feel amazing confident and love love love dressing up!

Who or what helped you along your journey?

Just a lot of water, green tea, cut out bread and rice completely for 3 months and slowly brought it back in small portions.


What might we catch you doing on your days off?

Eating, sleeping, reading, listening to music at a high volume and cooking. I love looking for healthier recipes of our local African delicacies.


What piece of advice would you give other women looking to start on their own lifestyle change/fitness journey?

Educate yourself on food. Understand what food does to your body, Dont stop take it slow and gentle push yourself and get back on it even if your over eat forget to work out just get back on it. weigh yourself on sunday and get your mind and body ready to hit your target for that week. even if its as small as 1or 2kg per week. just don’t gain.