Weight loss story from @rahzzisutra 

Roslynn shares an interesting weight loss story with us, she says that she lost some weight “by accident” when cycling to work and began to see noticeable changes in the way that her clothes fit.

The amazing thing about my weight loss is that it first started by accident. Living and working in Downtown Sacramento, I started to ride my bike EVERYWHERE! Within the first 6 months I noticed my clothes were fitting different and the scale showed proof. Once I noticed I was losing weight I began to ride my bike in my free time. 30 minutes of recreational riding on top of my 3 mile work commute. At home I continued with my work out by doing sit-ups, push ups and mild yoga. Because of the effortless weight loss I continued and changed my diet. I cut back on fast food and started going to the local farmers market, drinking more water and less sugar drinks.

I have been well over 200 pounds since high school. When I started cycling in 2011 my weight was 320, today at 34 I’m 185 and still losing and toning. The hardest part of my transformation was the way I saw myself. It wasn’t until I became physically and mentally healthy that I was able to reflect on how damaging my careless behavior was. I noticed some of my closest family and friends didn’t appreciate my change. I was no longer the fat funny friend. My mother was and is one of my biggest supporters. She’s the one who gifted me my first bike in the beginning of my cycle journey. Surprisingly new friendships encouraged and supported my weight loss.

I’ve always “dreamed” of being healthy and loosing weight. My faith, self motivation and believe it or not the “negative” reactions of people I’ve known my whole life started to fuel me in to becoming the best version of myself. Losing over 150 pounds gave me a new appreciation on life, and its truly showed me that ANYTHING is possible. We just have to go get it.