Weight loss story from @cheinspires

Che suffered with high blood pressure & knee pain and overcame this by losing over 160lbs through the use of exercise and a low carb, high protein lifestyle.

I am 37 years old living in Atlanta, Georgia. I am married with a 7 year old daughter. I am employed in management in the banking industry. Hobbies would include fitness, cooking new recipes, shopping, traveling, reading and women empowerment.

I have been overweight my entire young adult life but I’ve been on a weight loss journey SERIOUSLY for the last 7 years. I say seriously because I tried it all: nutrisystem, weight watchers, pills, shakes. But it really clicked for me when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter at my highest recorded weight of 325 pounds. I was placed on high blood pressure meds, chronic knee pain, and highly depressed! She gave me the courage to take control of my life because I wanted to live FOR her.

To achieve my results, I committed to a low carb high protein lifestyle. In the beginning, I would work out for 30 minutes then I moved it up to intense cardio through spin until it became a way of life. Seeing my body transforming, kept me motivated enough to keep going! My motto was and still is “Do something every day!” it didn’t have to be at the gym. I would walk the park while my daughter played, ride my bike, and climb Stone Mountain. DO SOMETHING!

Initially, it was difficult to change my eating habits so I began slowly. Old habits had to be broken. I quit drinking soda and replaced it with water. I quickly learned what worked best for my body and that was low carb and high protein. It kept me full longer and I saw results faster. Now I am pescatarian where I incorporate seafood into my low carb lifestyle but no meat at all! This has helped me to transform even more!

The hardest part of this journey was to admit that I was killing myself. I had to get real with myself quick. I had to address what was holding me hostage and keeping me bound. Counselling played a major role in my transformation. I had to get to the root cause of my dependency on food to see why I was an emotional eater. I had to forgive everyone that hurt me so I could live freely. Once I did that, my life changed! I am capable of any and everything I set my mind to that included losing weight.

Losing 160 pounds, life has totally changed for me. I empower women on a daily basis through my journey via my Facebook fitness group, Instagram and website. I am living my best life. I enjoy traveling more than ever now. I am fearless. I know what I am capable of and nothing will stop me from achieving whatever I set my heart to.

My advice to you is to do this FOR YOU! Do not attempt to lose weight like someone else, lose weight like you! Figure out what is stopping you from achieving your goals and get real with yourself!! Doubt kills more dreams than faith ever will!

My highest weight was 325lbs, I now currently weigh, 165lbs. I went from a size 28 to size 8.

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