Weight loss story from @therealjenmarie

Jen Marie shares her story with us, not only did she strive to transform herself she also experienced a mental transformation.

I was 235lbs when I started working out. I didn’t just want to look better; I wanted to feel better. I didn’t come into this journey wanting to be skinny, I came in wanting to feel more comfortable in my body. I was an emotional eater, stuck in a vicious cycle of overeating because I’m sad but then being sad because I’m overweight. I HAD TO STOP.

My first thought was “If I was going to overeat I had to change what I was overindulging in.” So instead of eating a container of ice cream, I ate a container of Greek yogurt. I always told myself that eating healthy and working out could only produce one result: a better body; and it did. I lost over 50lbs and honestly, the hardest part about this journey was starting.

When I started working out I did the treadmill for 45mins, speed 4.0 and on incline 12 to 15, four times a week. Eventually, I started adding weights to tone up. I decreased my carb intake and increased my protein. I continued to wear my sweatband and oversized hoodies, to increase my sweating. This journey has taught me patience, self-love, letting go and how important mental health plays in my physical health. The happier I feel, the healthier I live. Starting tip: Keep pushing. There will be moments you feel like quitting, the scale isn’t moving and you look in the mirror and see the same body. Just remember that hard work will always pay off and slow progress is better than no progress