Weight loss story from @kuta_08pta

Kuta shares her weight loss journey with us, trying several fad diets to no avail left her with a low carb diet which she used to lose over 100lbs

What led me to my fitness journey was initially choosing to be healthy, being a Physical therapist for work & becoming comfortable in my own skin were the top 3-reasons! I tried all the fad diet plans & some worked while some didn’t but I didn’t stop until I found what best worked for MY BODY! The Low Carb diet of worked best for me, my starting weight was 265lbs, my current weight is 140-145lbs, it took me a little less than 2yrs to to reach the 140-range.

The statistics show I should weigh 120-135lbs being 5’6.5, that is not my goal at all. I eat healthy 99% of the time, I meal prep Low Carb Mon-Friday & Green Smoothies in the morning give me LIFE! I do treat myself on weekends because I put in the work & more! I love doing HITT outside & the gym is my 2nd option, both get the job done!

I workout 7-days a week, & weekends are for cardio! My greatest obstacle is the eating because I for one do eat for taste, so please know you’re not alone, I don’t deprive myself, moderation is the key!

What I would tell anyone on this amazing fitness journey is do what works for you. We are all different so we sometimes have to think/do differently. Just know it’s not easy & you have the beginning of each day to start over/improve/critique what you started from the beginning! I am a Wife/Mommy of 2/Full-Time Physical Therapist so just know it can be done & you’re doing the BEST THAT YOU CAN, so keep going!

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