Weight loss story from @cookiemiller

Cookie shares how she lost over 100lbs with us, through change of diet and encouragement from friends & family while keeping  God at the centre of the journey.

What led you to want to make a lifestyle change?

I was tired of being fat. Aesthetically, I wanted to be able to shop for clothes easily, rid myself of the rolls and bulges I was constantly trying to cover with Spanx. Most of all, I had been diagnosed pre-diabetic and developed Acanthosis Nigricans; both of which my doctors said could be reversed with weight loss.

What did you do to achieve your results? Tell us about your workout routine.

I started by training for a 5K to honor my grandmother who passed away from breast cancer. I’d walked the race every year, but this time I wanted to run it. I used the Couch-to-5K app to train. By the time of the race, I’d lost around 30lbs. From there I was hooked. I got a gym membership, incorporated weight training, group classes and continued my running. To this day, I do the same various types of exercise just at a higher intensity.

How did you change your eating habits?

I started to track my food intake using MyFitnessPal. Starting out I reduced the portions of what I was already eating, then I switched over to very clean and strict cleaning. Where I stand now is still having the things I love while eating mostly clean. I am finally finding that balance.

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight?

At this point I’ve lost over 100lbs. I will be sharing my starting and current weight in a new series on my YouTube channel. YouTube.com/CookieMiller

How long did your transformation take?

It took one year to lose 70lbs. I then took some time off when I reached what I thought was my “goal” weight. Once I started back up, it took me about 6 more months to reach 100lbs total.

What was the hardest part about your transformation? How did you overcome it?

The hardest part is dealing with food addiction. Everyone thinks of weight loss as a physical battle, but it is so much more mental than anything else. I struggle to this day with my love for food, I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome it. But my “meltdowns” regarding it have become fewer and farther between.  

How have things changed with you in general (health, relationships, self)

So much has changed. I will say that overall, I am treated better by strangers. The door doesn’t get let go as often. People are quicker to smile and help me. Part of this I do believe has to do with weight, but I also believe you get what you put out into the world. I believe that now I exude confidence and am more-welcoming in general because of the physical change. But also because of the mental strength it took to get to where I am

Who or what helped you along your journey?

He “from whom all blessings flow” …”an ever-present help”. God has been my strength. I, of course, had help from my friends and family who encouraged me, but when I was crying my eyes out at night and no one was there. Or when I was doing a workout that I could not see myself completing, that’s where I drew my strength from.

Is there a product that helped you or anything in particular you’d recommend? 

Just MyFitnessPal & Couch-to-5k

What piece of advice would you give other women looking to start on their own lifestyle change/fitness journey?

What are you waiting for? There is no “perfect” time. Start now and 3 months from now, you’ll be so glad you did.