Weight loss story from @_honeydrops

After adding weight while sitting at her desk when studying, Akintemi decided to make a change to her weight by going to the gym 5 times a week and taking classes. Her favourite classes include Zumba and Circuit training. Akintemi was also freed of her constant flus and migraines by changing her diet

What led you to want to make a lifestyle change?
Growing up I used to be very active and involved in sports, but it all changed when I travelled to the UK for my masters in 2014. My course involved sitting in front of a computer and drawing (Architecture). I started eating a lot, not necessarily because I was hungry, but because I wanted to be alert while I worked on my laptop during the day and at night. Over time I started adding weight. I had to change my life style majorly because I developed chronic back and waist pain just walking around the city centre while shopping, I always had to sit for a little break, and also the way I panted after climbing a flight of stairs.

What did you do to achieve your results? Tell us about your workout routine
I have a sweet tooth which is my weakness. I h
ad to reduce my sugar intake, I knew that was where a lot of my new weight came from. I signed up at the gym and started taking classes. I started going 3 times a week then increased it to 5 times a week. My favourite classes were pump, circuit and zumba.

How did you change your eating habits?
Like I mentioned earlier I have a sweet tooth which has even resulted in me taking out a couple of teeth thanks to chocolates and sweets. In the past I always had a bottle of coke every day, at least two bars of chocolate, some haribos and of course my favourite, ICE CREAM every night. I was able to understand that I couldn’t just cut off from these immediately, so I did it gradually till I was able to walk down the fizzy drink and ice-cream aisle without picking an item. Also, being African (Nigerian) our foods have a lot of carbs such as; white rice, yam and white bread. Substituted the carbs for wheat bread, potatoes and cous cous. I increased my proteins (chicken, fish and beans), fruits (berries and banana) and vegetables (spinach and kale) game.

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight? 
How long did your transformation take?
My starting weight was 110kg and my current weight is 88kg still have 8kg to go till I reach my weight loss goal. It has taken me 1 year and 5 months so far.

What was the hardest part about your transformation? How did you overcome it?

The hardest part of my transformation was sugar cravings, being lazy to work out and eating out. I was able to find food alternatives for my sugar cravings like fruits and yoghurt, also had to become very determined and disciplined with my exercise routines. Had to start preparing my meals for the week so I don’t end up buying chinese or getting something from burger king.

How have things changed with you in general (health, relationships, self)
Health wise, I used to have migraines, flu, and I was always tired at the end of the day probably because I wasn’t eating healthy, but all that stopped when I changed my eating habit and started exercising. Because losing weight involves a lot of determination and self-discipline, I have been able to incorporate this into my personal life and career. Relationship wise I have become more confident and happier when I interact with people.

Who or what helped you along your journey?
I got a lot of support from my mum, late best friend (shalom) and gym buddy fisayo, losing weight made me grow closer to them because they believed I could reach my goal even when I didn’t believe in myself.

Is there a product that helped you or anything in particular you’d recommend?
I didn’t use any particular product to lose weight because I knew I had to develop a new way of living so I wasn’t going to use anything artificial to hasten the process. My mum introduced me to taking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon and water every morning with a cup of green tea. I add a teaspoon of honey because I don’t like the taste of green tea.

What piece of advice would you give other women looking to start on their own lifestyle change/fitness journey?
Lose weight for yourself and no one else. Be happy with the way you look no matter your size, if it means standing in front of the mirror naked or in your underwear and admire your body please do. Dress the body you have now, don’t wait till you get to your weight loss target to either wear fitted or short clothes. Also, please don’t compare yourself to anyone who lost 10kg in a month, everyone’s body is different. Losing weight and staying fit after is a new lifestyle you have to stick to, and that’s why I believe it shouldn’t be rushed because your old self is a few sodas and burgers away. Be happy and enjoy the process!

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