Weight loss story from @ohemaa_j

Julz shares her weight loss story with us that consisted of low calories and regular workouts

I have always been confident about my body no matter how big or small I was however I wasn’t eating the healthiest. My career is in healthcare I work as a nurse and I care for people of all ages in particular the elderly. Seeing all the different health conditions I had no clue was out there really opened my eyes and made me want to take care of my body on the inside not just the outside. Right now I am more active by attending gym 3-4 times a week, I cook more home cooked meals now, I have suitable portions aim to stay low on the carbs and high on the greens! I am at a point where being healthy is a lifestyle and normality. It is not just a phase.

I workout 3-4 times a week at the gym mainly sometimes 5. I do lots of cardio and cross training, rowing, stair machines etc. I aim to lose 500+ calories in each session. I also do weight training mostly upper body arms, back, abs etc. While ‘dieting’ I aim for a calorie intake of 1000-1200. For example, breakfast will be oats, lunch will be a tuna salad and dinner will be grilled chicken, kale, and meditteranean salad. I love lots of colours on my plate!

The hardest part for me was not getting the results in the time I wanted them to come. I would weigh myself and see no change which would frustrate me and make me think “oh whats the point of this let me give up!” However I have learnt with my body that fast results don’t last and gradual slow weight loss lasts a lifetime.

Social media has helped so much! Especially seeing my friends on snapchat going gym religiously makes me motivated to get it in! Fitness instagram pages and role models are a huge motivation also.

One major major piece of advice well actually two pieces of advice that go together are be confident and love yourself first no matter what that number on the scale says. Secondly, do this transformation for yourself not for other people.