Weight loss story from @fattothickfit

Despite being unmotivated and in tears on some days, Lola was able to make a change and is now over the moon with her progress.

Honestly, my weight loss journey began because I felt that enough was enough. I was sick and tired of being overweight and always out of breath whenever I walked. I was always hiding under baggy clothes and I hated how big my arms, stomach and thighs were. I attended my church’s Christmas ball in December 2015, I couldn’t believe that I had struggled to fit into a size 22 dress. I saw a picture of myself and I cried. I was so shocked at how big I was. I couldn’t believe that I had clocked in at a weight of 243lbs/111KG/17.5 stones. The biggest shock of my life.

1st February 2016, I finally decided to do something about my weight and sought help from a PT, who sent me monthly workout plans which I had to complete myself at my gym. The plan consisted of HIIT cardio and weight training. I did a complete 360 turn in my diet and cut everything out from fast foods to Nigerian dishes. I embarked on a high protein diet, drank 3 litres of water per day, went to the gym 5 times a week and walk 10,000 steps daily. Within 4 weeks, I had lost a stone, I was over the moon. By June, I had lost a total of 45lbs

This process has been extremely difficult, but enjoyable. I have had days where I have cried because the workout has been so hard. I have had days where I have been so tired and unmotivated to workout. I have also had days where I have been so happy and over the moon with my progress. It has been a great test of discipline but also rewarding. I overcome all my challenges by always fixating my sight on my end goal which is to feel 100% comfortable and in love with my body.

From July to December, my scale weight was stagnate because I included weight training. Now I’m back to cutting down my body fat to 25% by introducing more cardio. I am still on my weight loss journey, I have lost a total of 50lbs so far with another 20lbs to go.

Lastly, I would like to give a word of encouragement to all those embarking on a fitness journey. Consistency is the major keyword. You have to work at your goals everyday. Honestly if I can do it, you can too. Set your mind to greatness, know that you’ve got this and your goal will be achieved. Believe in yourself, be dedicated, work hard and most of all be patience and trust in the process. I wish you all the best with your fitness journey and by the grace of God, you will be celebrating your achievements also.