Weightloss story from @segentella

Although I’ve always been overweight, spring semester in college 2015 up until end of summer that year, I dramatically gained weight. I was just constantly eating unhealthy food and slowly watching myself reach the heaviest I had ever been. I ended up weighing in at 212 lbs! One day, I hit rock bottom and I thought enough was enough. I got completely fed up with myself. I got fed up with waiting for a miracle to happen. Just fed up with constantly hating how I looked and felt.

Truthfully, I have two beginnings of my transformation. My first one was August 2015 when I joined a bootcamp and began meal prepping. Yeah, I lost some weight but I gained much of it back in the beginning of 2016. I got lost on my journey and fell off. This was because I was doing it for the wrong reasons (for people to like me, to reach a certain number on the scale..)  I had to go through a whole change of my mental state and realize that my journey needs to be a journey of self love.

My ultimate journey of self love began August 2016. I had to sit down and think about my reasoning for changing what I was doing. My goal was to challenge myself to love and treat my body right: mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had to set this goal as a priority in my life.

As a very competitive person with myself, I started off working out twice a day everyday. My workout regimen consisted of in the mornings doing an Insanity DVD and my evening workout incorporating weightlifting. I noticed the biggest change in my body once I began weightlifting. After completing almost two rounds of insanity, I began focusing more on weightlifting which is where I am now. Currently, I still do two a days about 5 times a week but in the mornings I’ll do light cardio or boxing and ab work while weightlifting in the evenings.

I had to completely overturn my eating habits. Being a full-time student and working, meal prepping my food for the week has been the easiest and most effective way to fuel my body. All of my meals throughout the day consist of healthy carbs, high protein, and vegetable/fruit. When cooking, I try to keep sodium and fat as low as possible. Biggest piece of advice that has helped me is drinking at least 1 gallon of water everyday.

There is no end point in a lifestyle change like this but I am proud of my journey and how far I have come. I don’t usually check my weight often but I am able to say that I have reached 162 lbs and currently have lost about 50 pounds. I’m actually allowed to be proud of that! This journey has taught me that it is an amazing feeling to love your accomplishments and better yourself.

The most gratifying part of my journey towards self love is to be able to share my story to others. I want everyone to know that IT IS POSSIBLE as long as you are being consistent, positive, and put your health and self love as a top priority in your life.