Weightloss journey from @fitandfabshanielle

I started my fitness journey because I was tired of being unhealthy and not liking what I saw in the mirror. I had high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. all at 20 years old.

For my diet, I went to Google and looked up meal plans. I found one that was 1400 calories and that I thought I could stick to. I had a gym membership but didn’t use it until then. I started out doing a cycling class 3 days a week and the elliptical the other 4 days. A few months in, a trainer saw me trying and started helping me learn to lift weights.

I started by counting calories. I measured and weighed everything I ate. I used MyFitnessPal religiously, I stopped drinking soda and most juices, cut all candy and sweets, and started trying to make smarter choices.
My starting weight was 265lbs (size 24). Now I am 195lb (Size 12)

I lost the bulk of my weight in the first 6 months and got to my smallest (size 8) in a little over a year. I wasn’t happy that small and started putting on muscle mass over the next 2 years. The hardest part was learning not to be so hard on myself and to enjoy my body as it changed. I was a person that looked at Instagram models and didn’t feel like I was doing good enough. I had to learn to love me and realize everything on social media is not as it seems.
My health has made a complete turn around! No more high blood pressure and cholesterol. I enjoy life more because I have the energy and I feel better in my own skin. I have a wonderful boyfriend that I met because of my fitness lifestyle.
Trainers Eric Lee Salazar & Stephanie Trevino helped me so much. I could never thank them enough for taking me under their wings and teaching me so much about fitness.I’ve used Apple Cider Vinegar to help with bloating, appetite control, metabolism, etc.

Work hard, be honest with yourself, and enjoy your journey! Everyone is different and will have different results. It may take you longer than someone else and that’s okay. Don’t look at me or anyone on social media and let that get you down. If you are confused, ask or get a trainer. They are wonderful guides to get you were you need to be.