Weightloss story from @justnjoy25

I had lost my JOY. I had experienced personal grief and jumped into a unhealthy relationship that caused me to lose focus on taking care of myself . I filled my emptiness with fatty foods and fake smiles.

I finally stopped acting like a victim. I promised myself that I would love ME again. I moved  back home , enrolled in Graduate school for Mental Health Counseling, and started meal prepping. I enlisted in  Kickboxing and bootcamp classes, which just took me to the next level !

I gave up red meat and pork. I started eating more plant based foods. Cooking was always a passion but once I connected it with Nutrition I was ultimately hooked . The inches  began to shed away.

My heaviest at 5’3 was  170 lbs size 12 and now I’m 138lbs  size 4 . One year later but I am still working on it.

In the beginning it was just myself holding me accountable. So it was easy to backslide or give up. Then I began taking pictures and keeping progress of going to the gym and cooking healthier foods,  which gave me more motivation.

I started my business NJOY Eats & Prep  in 2014 which helps people tap into their JOY while upgrading their nutritional culinary experience. 

Relationships – I’m at a place in  life, where I have to be in a relationship that allows me to be transparent, authentic and free to show the JOY and Love God gave me.

It made me stronger and motivated me to help people on their journey. Physically I have more energy .  I am more flexible and stronger. I just love the natural curves and muscle formation of my body ,which is something I hadn’t in the past .

I feel free. Used my my grief as a catalyst to find my JOY !

What helped me? God, My awesome playlist , Beyoncé , awesome family and friends that were always there for me even when I was too stubborn to ask for help.

Ladies it’s about progress over perfection! The person that benefits most from your success is YOU! You weren’t created to be depressed , abused , unloved , second best , ignored or weak… so don’t buy into that narrative!