Weight loss story from @kaysfitclub

After having a C-section Kay was unhappy with her post-pregnancy pouch and made a change to it by working out and eating right once her baby had hit 7 months.

So I had a baby in Nov 2015. My pre-pregnancy weight was 77kg (169lb) and by full term I was 92kg (202lb). I was a great looking pregnant lady and I got all the compliments on like ’you didn’t gain so much weight’, ‘lucky you’. But deep down I was so worried.  I wanted to go back to being slim, I wanted my tummy to remain flat.

Rewind to before I had a baby, I never had a perfectly flat tummy, I always avoided ‘bodycon anything’, I knew how to suck in my tummy if necessary. But I was not ‘big’, my size uk 10 were too fitted, my size uk 12 would fit but I would never admit, I called them ‘big uk 12’. I was always passionate about being ‘reasonably sized’ and at some point in 2014, I lost about 6kg from working out and some dieting but I still didn’t like my body proportions and soon gained the weight back because they were rigorous and unrealistic diets with monotonous workouts.

Fast forward to after had my baby, I had a C section, the shock of my life, the scar, the bulging pouch. I slipped into self pity. I lost confidence in myself. I walked with my face down.  I breastfed my daughter exclusively for 7 months; the hunger was REAL and continued with other semi-solid food till she was 12months and a week old.

In Jan, I tried working out and starving (yes starving), because I just hated my body everyday, but I only got worse and slipped into some sort of persistent moodiness. My always cold state got the best of me, I ate all the wrong stuff and the last time I had any courage to check my weight in April 2016, I had hit 88kg (194lbs). At this time, I could fit into UK size 14. I still gained more weight but never checked, I officially have no fitness starting weight

So what did I do? I fell in love with my body as it was. I told myself I would do this and enjoy every step. I picked myself up in June, when my baby was 7 months and started to workout and eat right. I read a lot up on fitness, I opened my mind, I was dedicated.  My energy levels became better, my outlook to life improved and I knew I had to keep going.

The hardest parts of it all was TIME and discipline with food (the naija diet can make you cheat with the strongest will). I overcame the TIME problem by having a workout timetable with as much flexibility as possible (morning, afternoon, night, at work, while baby sleeps). I overcame the food issue with meal plans pasted on the wall in my kitchen and room, I also did meal preps.

I currently sit between 66-68kg (145 – 149lbs), and a size 8 top and size 10 bottom (UK Sizes). My goal weight? I don’t have one, as I don’t define myself by numbers, its about how I feel; when your body feels great, you know it.

To women or anyone who wants to start a fitness lifestyle,

  • make sure you are doing it for YOU first
  • start because you love your body not because you hate it
  • you will slip sometimes with your workout and meal plans, failure is when you don’t pick yourself up to continue
  • tired of starting over? then don’t stop
  • your body will only do what your mind has agreed with

You are going to be sore from working out but that’s the only way to build strength and get fit.

Failure is not an option