Weightloss story from @KhristinDorWill 

My name is Khristin , I’m 23 years old originally from Los Angeles but reside in Las Vegas. Growing up I was always fit, I did sports and could eat anything I want and not gain weight. I was “slim thick” before it became a trend haha.

In 2015 when I moved back to LA from Las Vegas I had such a difficult time finding work. For five months all I did was eat, sleep and repeat. I was so depressed because of my financial hardships so food became my comfort. I didn’t realize how much I was eating or notice the weight gain until everyone around me questioned me about it. I’ve always been a girl in shape ever since I was a little kid so it threw people off. It wasn’t until I started EOS gym and stepped on the scale and saw I that I weighed 224 lbs. I was so upset and embarrassed with myself, that’s when I knew I had to get out of my depression and change back to the confident me.

I knew when it came to my weight loss I wanted to make it enjoyable. I love to dance ! Even though it took me years to get rhythm (haha) I always had an urgency to do Zumba and dance classes. So primarily doing Zumba and Hot hula is how I first started. After this I started to watch instagram fitness models such as @chelseapb @rosaacosta and @bundleofbittany to see what workouts they do. I go to my local EOS gym that has different classes,  and when I’m not doing a class this pretty much sums my workout routine:  

  1. I always go to the sauna first for 10 minutes to warm up and body and get a pre sweat. 
  2. I do warm ups and stretches to wake my muscles up. (Crunches , lunges , planking , jogging)
  3. I find three different machines that works on a particular body part and I do 3 rounds of 90 reps (90×3=270). I work on all body parts during my workouts. 
  4. When I’m done I cool down by doing a deep stretch and hitting the sauna for another 10 minutes before leaving.

I try to do this at least 4-5 times a week , and that’s only because I gave myself until my birthday May 19 to accomplish my goal. 

Often times we are told that dieting is the hardest part about losing weight but truth I was so excited to do MEAL PREP!! Meal prepping changed my life!! As stated I followed @chelseapb and she is the meal prep queen in my opinion! She always had meals that look so good and made foods I hated (Avocados and sweet potatoes) look so good. So basically , I made my own meals and didn’t eat fast food or junk. I always made sure to portion and bought salt free seasonings. Also , I’ve never gave myself a “cheat day” because I knew I would be setting myself to slip up. Instead , I have myself a cheat meal once a week and that’s only if I was really craving something and needed that fix. My favorite things to eat during prep is baked boneless chicken , sweet potatoes , baked fish ( tilapia and salmon ) mixed veggies , avocados , and real fruit/veggie protein smoothies from Smoothie King. 

My starting weight was 224 lbs , I’m now down to 189 lbs. My transformation took 7 months , only because for the first four months I was inconsistent , but the past three I have been. In life when we tackle on new things of course it comes with challenges. The hardest part about my transformation was consistency and my sleeping pattern. I wasn’t as dedicated to going to the gym because I gave myself excuses not to go or was “too tired to go”. I didn’t have a set sleeping pattern which caused me not to go workout in the mornings which I think working out is highly recommended to get your day started. I overcame those challenges by going to bed by no later than 10pm and I have the energy to get up in the morning. 

Once I started my new journey things changed for the better. I’m in a happier place and slowly finding myself again. Of course I have those days when I feel horrible but I try not to let it bother me too much. I honestly owe it to God for allowing me to have strength and making me stronger everyday. My eating habits have changed A LOT ! I get so sick when I eat at fast food places and I don’t crave it (unless it’s chick-fil-a or in ‘n’ out) . I’m not to crazy about Soda anymore either , if I drink it I have this weird obsession of adding water to it. 

As far as relationships the one I’m focused on is the one I have with God , but my friends are still my friends. I believe in inspiration when you are starting off on a new venture. When it comes to fitness goals I definitely got inspired by Brittany Renner!! That’s my sis ! Truly an inspiration when it comes to fitness. I have her fitness app on my phone and her workouts are great for warm ups! Also Miss Linda Kay, My Zumba instructor I go to every Thursday . Her class is so amazing and she is so motivating and also Chelsea PB, I think she is a fitness Goddess! From her meal preps to her home workouts she is a beast! I absolutely adore her! And of course God , because He’s the one who wakes me up everyday to keep going and all my help comes from Him. 

So I encourage all of you who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle to SPEAK AND THINK THE IMPOSSIBLE! You have to change your mindset and how you speak of yourself . When you think you want to give up or think you’re not able to reach your goals tell yourself you can do it . Listen to your body too that’s very important , don’t overdo it and take your time when working out. It’s ok to modify your workouts and take a longer rest, you’ll get better day by day. Most importantly, keep God with you and ask him for the strength and you will do the impossible 🙂