Weight loss story from @shamba_love

Christina gives us a brief insight into her weight loss journey

I started out in fitness because I felt insecure about the way I looked, I hated myself and I truly felt like it was time for a change. So I changed with the help of my boyfriend who was already into fitness and he saw how insecure I was about myself, but the first step to change is changing the way you think so I changed my whole perspective on food. I started out by making healthier choices such as drinking more green tea and lemon water to help clean my system out and eating more greens and I also started to proportion my food.

I used to weigh 140lbs and now I weigh 120lbs, my transformation took two years. It wasn’t easy, it came to a point where I was still so depressed I starved myself and made my situation worse. But I got back on my feet and started out doing little exercises at home like sit-ups and planks, each day I would challenge myself to a new exercise. Once I finally lost the weight in a healthy way I felt more comfortable in my skin inside and out. I would like to tell all women never give up it won’t be easy but with enough dedication you WILL reach your destination. Don’t bring yourself down comparing yourself to the next woman because we are ALL beautiful and everybody has a story to tell.