Weight loss story from @mofit__

I made 5 lifestyle changes that helped me loose 60 pounds in 18 months postpartum. On October 13, 2015, I was 195 pounds and wore size 12-14. By July 20, 2016 I was 143 pounds and size 4-6. For motivation and inspiration, I created a 5 Step Challenge Fitness Club. Today I am 135 pounds, size 2, weight training and enrolled in NASM Personal Training Course.

What led me down this path?

  1. The need for strength and energy to juggle motherhood, masters program, career,  and a social life
  2. Getting on social media and admiring fitness moguls like brittnebabe and qimmahrusso
  3. Having dreams of confidently wearing anything I wanted
  4. Confronting the reality of my health condition through a scale and a camera.

So I started by creating a “WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY” album in my phone because I was tired of avoiding the mirror and started taking pictures of what I saw instead. Prior to my pregnancy, I was 160 pounds and wore size 9-10. During my 6-week postpartum check-up, I learned that I was an unbelievable 205 pounds and wore size 14-16. Even my doctor was baffled. I juggled a busy and strenuous life feeling disappointed, depressed, and discouraged. I lost my confidence and my self-esteem slowly diminished.  I turned down girls’ nights and dates. If I did go out, I sat and watched other woman happily enjoy life. I was almost convinced that this would be my steady weight for the rest of my 20’s. The moments when I mustered up strength and motive to make healthier changes, I used workout DVDs like p90x and temporarily cut out my favorite foods like oxtails, french fries, cheese cake and eating out. However, I constantly slacked off and reverted back to my old habits. I only lost 10 pounds by the time my prince turned 7 months.

After conducting research on nutrition and fitness, I decided to make 5 core lifestyle changes that fueled my passion, determination, and motivation. The first step was getting past my 5 step challenge’s “rehab stage”. That’s the stage where I fought temptations and moments where I wanted to give up. I didn’t believe I would see results and I continued to crave my favorite foods. I enrolled in the gym at Planet Fitness although I rarely went. I replaced juice with water and cut back on how often I ate. I literally had to transform the way I thought in order to put changes into action. Mental strength gave me physical strength to persevere!  After becoming mentally stronger, I adjusted to maintaining the following five-lifestyle changes:

  1. Drink one gallon of water daily,
  2. Consume last meal at 7:00pm,
  3. Minimize portions of food that have starch, sugar, and salt,
  4. Replace one meal or snack with a natural juice blend,
  5. Engage in “at home workouts” for 30 minutes daily.

Right away, I lost 5 pounds weekly. My energy level and confidence increased as my clothes size decreased. It wasn’t easy so I found creative ways to stay motivated. Some things I did were buy smaller sized clothing and set a date for when I would fit into them, wrote down my inconsistencies and unhealthy habits, created social media pages dedicated to health and fitness and followed fitness experts.