Weight gain story from @fitme_thik

I began my fitness journey to channel my stress, and gain peace of mind. I wanted to exercise faith in myself and of course look badass doing it! 

I spoke affirmations to myself, observed those before me with similar goals. Prepared my mouth, ears and eyes to love the process. This is coming from someone who was allergic to running… I began shopping for a box or crossfit gym. I picked crossfit because functional movements combined with weights propels results faster, promise. Not to mention the bodied athletes like Elizabeth Akinwale giving me inspiration! 

I must say crossfit is intense and it has a shelf life because it is high intensity/impact. I found my niche using an app called ClassPass. The user can pick various studios without contract. Yoga Monday and Barre on Friday is an option, one of many. 

The largest change in my eating habits was to eat often. An added 500 calories per day yielded a pound per week. To keep my appetite up I took apetamin or ceregumil which is a liquid vitamin or supplement that stores energy and energy is calories. I’d consume it just before bed, right after my last meal and when I woke after breakfast. My last of 4 meals or dinner I’d eat late around 9 then bed shortly after. This slows the metabolism and allows the food to stick. However I eat wholesome foods, close to the paleo suggestion. Removing all processed foods because they increase chances of chronic illness and fatigue.

Eat carbs and /or complex carbs  prior to workouts for fuel. Post workout consume protein within an hour. Before purchasing protein shakes, look for high yielding protein per scoop. I lift weights and minimal cardio. Put  on good weight with working out but I can’t stress enough, weight lifting is essential for weight/muscle mass gain. 

The best change came from within. My initial weight was 132lbs I’m now 150lbs. I was unable to do 1 pull up and now I can deadlift 225lbs. I wanted “meat on my bones” and now I’ve got strong bones.