Weightloss story from @fit_atic

Working out has been the best therapy I could have ever asked for. Over a year ago, it felt like everything in my life was going south. I felt overwhelmingly lonely, was on the verge of dropping out of school, and just alienated myself from my friends and family. I had completely ceased all types of socialization in my life and would try to convince myself that it was because I had grown too big for parties, hangouts, or even too mature for posting pictures of myself on instagram. The real reason was that I was ashamed of my life, and had grown incredibly uncomfortable in my own body.

So I tried to “Lose weight,” only to fail countlessly. Only lord knows how many times I’ve gotten on a diet and workout regiment, only to give up a few days later; how many times I’ve told myself that this time was it, only to succumb to barbeque pork ribs and cheesecake at first glance; how many times I’ve tried to starve myself so I could get some quick results; and just how many times I’ve stood on the scale in complete disgust with myself.

Many of us go through these unhealthy cycles of self-doubt, self-hate and feelings of hopelessness. Many of us go through these cycles thinking that “change” will never occur because we feel weak and or incapacitated. However, the truth is that we are stronger than we think, we are stronger than we allow ourselves to be; and the second we realize that, is the second our fitness journey (or any other type of journey) truly begins. It was indeed at that period in time that my fitness journey begun because I decided that “I already know what giving up feels like, so want to see what happens if I don’t.”

November 21st 2015 was the day I decided that given up was no longer an option. That date was the day I decided that something drastic in the way I approach weight loss needed to change in order for me to truly drop the 30 lbs. I had packed on. That day was the day I got a personal trainer! As dramatic as I made it sound, this was actually one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Prior to signing up for personal training a lot of people were telling me that getting a trainer was a waste of money, and that they were not going to tell me anything that I could not find online or do on my own. Nonetheless, at this point in time I knew that it was the best option for me.

Personal training taught me a lot of what I know on health and fitness. Looking back, I honestly did not know how to “workout” prior to signing up with my trainer. Although I was very athletic as a child, as an adult my workouts consisted of running a mile then going home and having a cheesecake (or two!) and barbeque pork ribs (I love cheesecake and ribs y’all!). Personal training did not only teach me the art of working out but also the wonders of a healthy meal.

Now, I don’t want to sit here and pretend like everything was so perfect the minute I started. When I begun back in November 2015, I was honestly not the most consistent person at first. I would sometimes go days and weeks without showing up to my workouts and or “eating clean.” Nonetheless, I never gave up. I never gave up on the physical and mental wonders of living a healthier lifestyle.

Consequently, after an on and off year of being with my trainer (and shedding off 20lbs), I decided I was ready to take what I learned and train on my own. In this manner, my “solo” journey really begun on December 2016.  I watched YouTube and instagram workout videos and tried to incorporate them at the gym. Soon enough I developed my own routine and literally fell in love with going to the gym. I fell in love with preparing for my arm days on Mondays, my back days on Tuesdays, my core days on Wednesdays, my butt days on Thursdays and my leg days on Fridays. December was when I lost the most weight on my own (about 10 lbs down) and the time when I really started witnessing my arm and back muscles getting shape, and my waistline defining itself. However, in February up until now, I started to hit a plateau and ALMOST got discouraged but GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION, so I’m back!

Have I mentioned how I also fell in love with nutrition? December 2016 was also the time when I really started experimenting with different foods and started educating myself on nutrition. During that time I started to develop my own meal plans with a good combination of proteins, fats, whole grains, nuts and fruits and vegetables. Although I’m still in the process of learning more about the subject, and also still go days and sometimes weeks without “eating clean” GIVING UP IS STILLLL NOT AN OPTION!

Honestly, working out has been and continues to be my best therapy, self-confidence booster and contributes to my all-around wellness. Through this journey, I’ve witnessed myself getting stronger, faster, more endurant, more flexible and even less moody! Through this journey, I’ve also witnessed aspects of my life taking a complete 180; from a defining increase in my academic performance, my credit score going way up, my relationship with my boyfriend, to my hair growth, my acne clearing up, and my overall happiness. For all these aforementioned reasons, I will say it again, GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION!

So to anyone reading this, the one thing I would like to get across is to never give up. Whatever step you take to get started is a step closer to your goals. Whether it’s for health reasons, emotional reasons, you want tighter arms, or want to uplift your butt, or simply want to be more active; whatever the reason may be, do it! The journey will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

I know it is very easy to feel discouraged but regardless of it all, “never quit. If you stumble get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day so get back on track and move closer to your dreams and goals” If I can do it, you sure as hell can do it!! Because remember, GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION!