Remi’s Before and after weight loss @remi.idowu

From when I was a little girl I was always the athletic girl running, doing cross country and pretty much any sport you could imagine! However, my downfall was always food. I would binge on food constantly throughout school and when I got home I’d also help myself to a massive portion of whatever we were having for dinner. Moving schools is when I became the heaviest I had ever been. I would constantly be snacking on pizza, waffles, cake and it didn’t help that a fish and chips shop was located right next to my school.

A year ago, is when I started my fitness journey. My beautiful sister’s wedding was coming up and I was turning 17. I remember telling myself this is not how I wanted to live the rest of my life feeling sick, bloated and lazy all the time and so from that day I wanted to change. DO NOT BE FOOLED it was not easy! Because of my athletic past, exercise came easily to me. I would highly recommend Julian Michael 30 Day Shred. My results were not amazing but it gave me a kick start  and motivated me to keep going. When I was finished with that, I forced me and my sister to start going to the gym. We would do about 30 mins of HIIT on either the elliptical trainer or treadmill. Then do 15 minutes of either abs or arms.

Overcoming my poor eating habits was the hardest for me; but after doing some research, I came across a diet that allowed you to eat what you wanted if it was in your eating period (intermittent fasting). This has honestly changed my life. I don’t go and eat whatever I want; I keep to a strict diet 1200 calories a day. This made me feel like I was in control of what I was eating and not just allowing my body to have whatever it craved. However, I am human! I do have days when I binge out or eat unhealthily but the main thing about weight loss is consistency!
My piece of advice I would give to another woman is to be patient! Sadly, results do not come quickly, but I would 100% recommend taking progress pictures each month – trust me you’ll be shocked at the difference even if you feel like you haven’t accomplished much. I would also recommend calorie counting even if you’re not restricting calories, it’s always good to know how much food your putting into your body. Also, do not doubt yourself and another is Self-Love! You expect that when you get to a certain size you’ll be happy; but you need to love the journey not the goal. I didn’t use tea detox’s or waist training, it’s all hard work so don’t let anyone fool you; weight loss is simply eating healthily and exercising. I have managed to lose 4 stones now and I’m still going!
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