how Tracee Elliss Ross Stays fir at 50

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities who put in the work work to stay fit, Tracee Ellis Ross undoubtedly sits pretty at the top and has the body to prove it. Tracee has a physique many half her age would only dream of having. Her commitment to fitness and wellness has her truly rocking her 50s and inspiring us to lead healthier lives.

So, how does she train? I hear you ask. Read on to find out the dynamic workout duo that maintains her svelte figure and how she encourages us all to embrace our own journey towards health and feminine radiance.

Variety is the spice of life

Tracee’s training is varied. And all well and good because an ideal, well-balanced exercise routine should incorporate different workout modalities. She gives us insight into her training on social media, frequently sharing images and videos of herself working out. These include three categories of exercise: cardiovascular activity, strength training and flexibility. She’s known to switch things up regularly, including activities like Pilates, strength training, and even dance.

Variety not only helps to reduce boredom but also ensures that different muscle groups are targeted leading to a limber and agile physique as we age. When we strengthen our weak areas and balance the body we decrease our risk of injury during training and day to day activities.

The Power of Pilates

If you aren’t part of her 11 million strong following on Instagram you’d have probably missed the fact that Tracee enjoys and swears by the Tracy Anderson method. Her quirky workout snapshots usually feature wooden props, including a step platform, weights, a staff, bands, disks, and a landing pad.

According to the studio, the method is ‘designed for strategic muscular design’ . It incorporates various dance-inspired movements and often relies on the use of small hand weights and resistance bands. The low-impact sessions ‘target, activate, and engage small muscles in the body, which tones, strengthens and lengthens them.’

Strength Training

Tracee is no stranger to strength training, her impressive gym exercises will inspire anyone to get their fitness act together. Her workouts often incorporate a mix of bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and free weights. Her sessions typically comprise of compound movements and have included the vera climber, weighted hip thrusts, weighted landmine thrusts, sled pushes, dead lifts and battle ropes. These exercises hit multiple muscles and joints simultaneously, meaning your body has to come together to power through the move- that is, your strength and body coordination.

Compound exercises are training for real life. Think of: carrying your grocery shop, climbing the stairs, putting a box on top of a cupboard. They are an efficient way of training and effective for building muscle mass and burning off  extra calories.

Weight and resistance training is where it’s at when it comes to strengthening your body, boosting metabolism, and improving bone density as you age. Plus it’s the best feeling when you catch a glimpse of your hard earned muscle as you walk past a mirror. Quite frankly, a workout plan is incomplete without strength training. Strength training is an effective and efficient way to transform into your dream body and manage your weight overtime. If you committed to 20-30 min strength training 3-5 x a week that would be enough to maintain or build strength.


Beyond the workouts, Tracee’s message of self-care and age positivity resonates strongly. From her trailblazing looks to her undeniable talent, she show cases a level of confidence and vitality that’s truly inspiring. A message shared with her Instagram followers on her 47th birthday captures her life philosophy and playful personality.

“It’s my birthday. I’m 47 today and I’m filled with gratitude. I LOVE getting older and I LOVE my life.
I’m so grateful to be living this life I’m in. I’ve worked so hard to feel good in my skin and to build a life that truly matches me and I’m in it and it feels good. I remain curious and teachable and so it will all keep getting better.
No filter, no retouch 47 year old thirst trap! Boom!”

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