Name: Gabrielle Joy

Age: 21

From: Brooklyn, NY.

Occupation: 2nd Year Medical Student at SUNY Upstate Medical University

Stats: SW: 242 | CW: 177 | GW: 160 | 5’10”

I grew up my whole life morbidly obese. 230 lbs at the age of 11. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun — track, swimming lessons, weight loss camp, you name it! I’ve been on my “fitness journey” since I was 11! Still even in my last year of undergrad, at 21 years old I was at my peak, 242lbs and size 16-18, XL, height: 5’10

Going vegan for weight loss

Fast forward, I went vegan in July 2017, thinking this would be IT. It had to be, right? My diet had already been so “clean;” I just needed to cut off meat and dairy products. I was left disappointed, as I had only lost ~20 lbs (from July 2017- December 2017) going vegan. This was despite training so hard in the gym. I wanted more. I was hungry, and I knew I had the motivation to reach my goal.

But God! 2 things I changed

January 2018, God showed me exactly what I needed to do. I started counting my calories using My Fitness Pal and intermittent fasting every so often. I learned to become so disciplined and self-controlled. COUNTING CALORIES (& meal prepping of course ) is needed if you are trying to really be serious about your fitness journey. The journey is really 80% nutrition, 20% fitness. Now, I reap the benefits of looking at myself, proud of my progress & embracing my new confidence.


Get your Nutrition right!

My heaviest and most consistent weight was 242 lbs (left). Like WOW. To break the 200s was something, then to break the stagnancy of 190s, and now 174.0 (right)! Son  God is GOOD! I’m filled with so much joy, because besides the numbers, I learned SO MUCH through this journey. What you put into your body is EVERYTHING! No matter how much working out you do (2-3x a day) it WON’T save you if your energy intake (calories) supersedes your energy expenditure. Cause that was definitely me. I was a WORKOUT BEAST, but my nutrition was TRASH. Tracking my calories starting in January 2018, really helped me to get to this point. I learned to follow what I’m eating and when. I had to pinpoint my weaknesses; cravings; what makes me bloated, etc! I learned.

I am currently at the lowest I’ve EVER seen on a scale and damn, this feels so good. My waist is smaller than ever, my arms are slimmer and my legs are still on fleek. The BEST part is I’m not even done yet.


I’m so grateful to share this journey with you all and really want to stress the importance of NOT GIVING UP. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, TRUST THE PROCESS!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Trust. The. Process. Reach out to others you need help and keep working!!! I continued my fitness journey even in my first year of med school, so I know you can too! The only thing I felt was holding me back in life was my weight and now that I have a handle on that, what can’t I accomplish?