Weight gain story from @fitnessdore

My personal experience with losing my father to a heart attack drove me to a really dark place. I lost myself completely and almost gave up on life. After four years, I started working out with a trainer to prepare for a pageant. Then, I realized that I felt so much stronger whenever I worked out. So, I started sharing my workouts on my social media page and noticed other people reposting it. At that moment, I realized that this journey was no longer just about me anymore.

Unlike the average, I was on a weight gain journey. So, initially I would consume a lot of the wrong foods because I thought that was how I was supposed to gain weight. I wasn’t noticing any changes. So, I started doing my own research and found that in order to gain weight, I would have to consume calorie-rich food and lift weights. So, my workout consists of light to moderate cardio to strengthen my heart. I then spend the majority of my workout lifting weights targeting the lower body and glutes. I do a lot of squats, lunges and butt lift exercises using weights on a barbell or free weights.

I changed my eating habits by creating a schedule. I created my own plan and listed my meals along with the time to eat next to it. Then, I set my alarm on my phone for each meal time so that I could get in the habit of eating at least six calorie-rich meals a day. I also started meal prepping so that it would be easier for me not to get off track during lunch because my meals were already prepped.

My starting weight was 99 lbs. and my current weight is 140 lbs.

Honestly, my transformation took about three years because I wasn’t consistent. I was a college student working three jobs and stressed on occasion. So, once I finally developed a habit and stuck with it, I started to see quicker results within three months. Everyone’s journey is different because everyone has different life experiences. So, a person has to really reach deep down inside and find the strength within to push through no matter what! This journey is not easy, but I guarantee you it’s worth it!

The hardest part about my transformation was trying to put on weight the healthy way. A lot of people may think of a fitness journey as only “losing” weight, but there are so many people that are also trying to gain. I’m genetically very thin and I wanted a curvier figure. So, it would be times when I felt like giving up but I would look back at where started and keep pushing forward. For me, it was more than just a physical transformation. I was also on this journey for mental healing and to just be happy again!

Fitness changed my life as a whole. My entire outlook on life is solely positive. My relationship is great along with my overall health. You’d be surprised to know how much health and fitness determines the way we feel along with our energy level. I’m in a very happy place and I’m grateful to be able to utilize my platform to inspire the world.

I thank God for being by side throughout my journey. There was always this strength within me that kept me going even when I felt like giving up. No matter what, I never lost my faith and because of that, God never left me.

My advice to anyone looking to start their own journey would be to set a realistic target date for yourself. Write this day on a calendar and work towards your goal until you reach this day! A lot of times, it’s not that we can’t complete a workout or eat healthy. It’s typically because we can’t remain consistent. So, commit to yourself today! Set a target date and accomplish your goal! Don’t go through another year wishing for your dream body. Work for it now so that you can motivate someone else later!