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Photo of King Kellz

King Kellz

My name is Tiffany Alexander, better known as King Kellz in the fitness realm. I am a 3 time certified, Online Personal trainer, with 5 years of expertise in health, and nutrition. My goal is to create simple, yet effective, personalized blueprints to a healthier you that will not fail. If you do your part and trust the process, you’re half way to the finishline.

Photo of Manissa Montour

Manissa Montour

Manissa MONTOUR is a 22 year old fitness trainer from Long Island New York. She trains in the New York City and Long Island area. She has been a lover of fitness since 2013 and has been training professionally for a year. She focuses on creative fun ways to obtain fitness goals

Photo of Soraya Anastasia Russell

Soraya Anastasia Russell

Soraya Russell is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach residing in Raleigh, North Carolina who provides e-training and in-person training services. The mission of her business, “Project S” Personal Training, is to provide affordable fitness training and information on healthy eating to help individuals develop a healthier lifestyle and become the best version of themselves. She designs personalized workout plans that are just as unique as the clients she serves. Check out her website for more information on pricing and fitness plans.​​​