Weightloss story from @cold_gritz_

A break up after having my daughter made me change my lifestyle. I had just lost my grandmother due to cancer and about a month later I found out my guy was in a whole other relationship! I had become so wrapped into depression I felt like I couldn’t come out. My mom noticed and she suggested that we should go on a Daniel fast. Usually fasting helps to cleanse your spirit and that was exactly what I needed.

The Daniel fast requires you to only eat fruit and vegetables so it definitely was a challenge the first few weeks. We initially planned to carry it out for 2 weeks but mine turned into months! I would weigh myself every Sunday and I was loosing about 5-7 pounds a week. Talk about the excitement I felt! Yes at first being consistent was very hard for me, but when I started seeing the numbers and getting compliments, the gym had become my place of peace. I would do 45 mins of cardio and 20 mins of weights. After 2 months I was down 41 pounds (my starting weight was 263lb) and I went down 6 pants sizes.

I was able to achieve my goal by changing my mentality and remains focused, since then, I’ve attracted more positive people and I’ve become more open minded. I no longer make excuses and I have a ton of energy! I know there are so many women who are in the same position that I was in and I just want them to know that they can win! All they have to do is set a goal and stay consistent and determined. If anyone is thinking about doing the Daniel fast there is a brand named “Boca” 100% vegan and it tastes just like meat but it doesn’t give you a bloated/sluggish feel afterward. I found it at Walmart and Kroger but I’m pretty sure you can find it at your local grocery store! Stay positive and drink lots of water!