Weight loss journey from @iamcynz

Cynda shares her weight loss journey with us, after having her son she decided to start working out again but realised she first had to get her diet on track before continuing.

I made this lifestyle change about 1 year after having my son. I felt very heavy, I started having knee problems, I couldn’t walk very far nor run. I just wanted to feel like I used to before having my son and I also wanted to look like what I used to. Before having my son, I used to workout with a personal trainer, so as of January 2016 I decided I should start working out with him again. Two months into training, I realized I may need to focus more on my diet and once I get all the excessive weight off I will return to training.

My trainer gave me a program to follow for dieting to lose the excessive weight. I would set my phone to alarm key times of the day to remind me when to eat to get my metabolism up and running. For example, I would wake up at 7am and I will have breakfast at 8am, then I will have a snack about 2 hours later which my phone will alarm for. These alarms will go on for the rest of the day and I will stop eating 9pm. I stopped eating fast food, candy and drinking soda. I would try to eat as clean as I possibly can by making my own food. I also added fruits and vegetables to my diet and, I also started infusing my water with fruits and veggies. The heaviest I’ve been is 213lbs wearing size Large/ XL , today I weigh 145lbs wearing Small/ Medium. My transformation took me a full year.

The hardest part of my transformation was after I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 163lbs I was not happy with the way I looked. I wanted to change how I felt so I decided to get me a new trainer at my job (I work at Equinox) and start training again. After months of training with my new trainer, I’ve never felt this much in shape my whole life. Everyone started noticing how in shape I’d become. I am so proud of myself and how far I’ve came. I would have never thought I would be able to do some of the workouts I do now let alone enjoy doing them. I always look forward to my training sessions because I know I’m getting stronger and sexier.

Four people helped me with my weight loss journey: my first trainer Anthony Gittens (who helped with the diet program I was on at the beginning of my journey), my cousin Arielle Ferdinand (who really helped to me on track with my goals), my new/current trainer Joel Carrasquillo (who taught me so much about working out and the benefits of working out) and last but not least my supportive husband Daniel Lopez who always loved me throughout all my body changes.

I workout on my days off  because its hard to workout on days I work because I am a mom and I work long hours. For people looking to start their fitness journey, I’ll give you one word, Consistency Consistency Consistency…no matter how hard or how lazy you feel get up and do it. Only you can make the changes you want to see. Please be patient with yourself and enjoy your weightloss/fitness journey. To all the young moms out there who think they will never get it back, yes you can.  Just get up and do it, you got this.