Celery is truly having its 5 minutes! this new health craze is going strong and being raved about on social media. If you search #celerychallenge on Instagram, you’ll see glowing green glasses, celery bouquets and before and after images of people’s skin and the transformation they say drinking celery juice has had on it. Celery juicing seems to be a single solution to total health transformation; but can it really cure all of your health issues? let’s hear from 2 ladies who took on the 7 day celery juice challenge.

The celery juice hype first came into our radar through the intuitive healer know as Medical Medium-Anthony William. He is not a formally licenced health care professional but has written several books on the healing power of food. Celery is now in the spotlight as a cure all for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne; digestive issues and inflammation. As if that’s not all, it’s been touted as a treatment for depression and a cure for any type of cancer.

What are the benefits of Celery?

According to Medical Medium, Anthony William, drinking celery juice:

Cleanses your body

Celery juice ” has a sodium cluster salt that. This mineral salt strips down pathogens and damages them. it kills off bugs behind you auto-immune condition. That’s why people are getting better so fast and rapidly with celery juice. It’s that powerful”

Detoxifies your liver

“Celery juice revives liver cells…it flushes out toxins…old pharmaceutical metals, petro-chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, different toxins that we get everyday in our life that are inside our liver”….”Celery juice is one of those tonics that cleans out the liver, so you can heal; and that’s how you lose weight. That’s how you heal overall”

Improves digestive issues

“Many people, shortly after drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach everyday, experience less digestive problems, they get rid of acid reflux, they feel more energy”

Mental clarity

“They feel more clear, their brain fog dissipates, they feel like they are moving forward; moving forward finally out of their illness, finally out of their condition”

What’s the challenge?

It’s pretty straightforward. Drink a glass of celery juice straight, on an empty stomach in the morning, everyday for 7 days. To juice celery, simply clean, cut and place it in a juicer for perfect and fresh juice. Alternatively, you can use a blender, then strain the juice using a cheese cloth.

Kieryn Crisann on Youtube, took the challenge and shared her experience . She’s not new to celery juicing as she’d taken it in the past but took a break for 4 months. The first time around, she said celery juice helped heal her on an emotional level, gave her clarity on what she wanted out of life and physically healed her psoriasis.  This time around, she wanted to see the benefits of taking it consistently for 7 days with the aim of healing her psoriasis and depression (one can assume from her experience that, if you stop taking celery juice, your symptoms may return as in the case of Crisann’s psoriasis; which returned after she stopped juicing).

Crisann shares what she noticed after just 7 days of juicing this super green food:

“cleansed straight out in the morning”

“Reduced my bloating”

“It made my skin glow”

“acne started clearing”

“relieved brain fog”

“Feeling happier and more connected in my relationships”

She also mentioned the positive feeling of doing something that takes care of her mind, body and spirit.

Her final verdict: “I would recommend anybody do this. If you struggle with any any sort of health condition, I swear this is the way to heal from it”


Lovelexynicole on Youtube took the celery challenge for 7 days. unlike Crisann, this was her first time and she had to build a tolerance for it.

The taste:

Nicole, kept a diary of her juicing experience over the 7 days. Being her first time drinking celery juice, it made her feel like throwing up, and gave her stomach cramps. She discovered later that she preferred the chilled taste when she used a juicer, compared to the warm taste from using a blender.  Her negative experience at the start didn’t put her off from completing the challenge.

Here’s what celery juicing did for her

“No bloating”

“So much more energy to complete er workout”

“Felt slimmer”

“System felt cleaned out”

“Reduced cravings- didn’t feel the need for breakfast”

“Skin felt hydrated…I suffer from dry skin in winter”

“Skin felt smoother and glowy”

“Cured my hangover”

“Highly hydrating”

Her verdict

” I am seriously a celery juice believer. It really has changed my life. I suffer from a lot of bloating and and stomach issues. I just feel so good. It cleared my mind and body and gave me more energy”

Like other vegetables celery is perfectly healthy and safe to drink as part of a varied and balanced diet. Celery juice is in the spotlight now, but people have also attested to the health benefits of drinking fresh ginger tea, lemon, apple cider vinegar and tumeric tea first thing in the morning.

Do you Juice celery? Do you feel it lives up to the hype? leave you comment below!