Berdina's 30 pound weight loss story

Living in bustling New York, Berdina, a dedicated Registered Nurse, has been married for ten years and is the proud mother of two young children. Her journey toward a healthier lifestyle is both inspiring and relatable. In 2014, after completing nursing school, Berdina weighed 245 pounds and struggled with her reflection in the mirror, finding comfort in food during stressful times. Recognising the need for change, she committed to a fitness regimen with a personal trainer, working out three times a week and adopting a nutritious diet. This initial phase of her transformation was incredibly challenging, but through perseverance and consistency, she shed 30 pounds and began to regain her confidence.

Berdina’s decision to commit to a fitness regimen with a personal trainer, working out three times a week, and adopting a nutritious diet was a pivotal and well-informed choice for several compelling reasons.

  1. Personal trainers are great for people who need guidance and accountability. Research has shown that individuals who work with personal trainers achieve better results compared to those who exercise on their own, partly due to the motivation and structured plans provided by trainers.
  2. The National Health Service (NHS) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week, which aligns well with Berdina’s regimen of working out three times weekly.
  3. Studies have demonstrated that combining a balanced diet with regular exercise is more effective for weight loss than either strategy alone. Moreover, if we don’t fix our unhealthy diet habits, it’ll be harder to sustain any weight loss in the long term.

Berdina’s weight loss story:

I live in NY. I’ve been married for 10 years. I have 2 small children. I am a Registered Nurse.

At my biggest I was 245 lbs. I had just finished nursing school in 2014 and I hated what I saw in the mirror . Food was my comfort. Initially I signed up with a fitness trainer. I lost 30 pounds with proper nutrition and working out 3x/ week.

It was hard! but I stayed consistent. I started to gain confidence. I held myself accountable by posting my progress on social media.

After I had my first child I continued to focus on my weight loss journey. I was introduced to the keto diet and lost all my pregnancy weight. Fast forward to my second pregnancy, I continued to do the keto diet.

This year I changed my eating and instead of restricting myself to certain foods I now focus on caloric intake. I get to enjoy a variety of foods in moderation. My husband and I began juicing in the beginning of the year and the benefits have been amazing. The hardest part of my transformation was staying consistent. Having a supportive partner has been very helpful with my transformation. Preparing my meals in advance has been pivotal in my success. If you are looking to start your transformation journey my advice would be

  1. Change your mindset,
  2. create weekly goals,
  3. Prepare your meals
  4. Celebrate small victories
  5. Incorporate some physical activity in your daily life.