weight loss before and after of Amber Instagram @getfitwithkatleho

From childhood, I’ve always had extra weight on my body. As a result, I grew up having a lot of insecurities about myself. I lacked confidence in myself as well as failed to show myself enough self-love. Four years later, I made the decision to love myself and to start my fitness journey.  I currently find myself at a place of contentment with all that I am and have achieved in terms of my body. I’ve grown spiritually, mentally and physically throughout this journey.

I, first and foremost, changed my diet especially with regards to my portion sizes and I cut out a lot of fast foods that I was addicted to. Secondly, I began to be physically active through jogging around the neighbourhood. However, over time my diet has become a lot healthier and strict. This also includes my workouts which now consist of a combination of strength training and cardio. In a nutshell, a healthy diet and a strict workout program that consists of strength training and cardio aided me in making my results possible.

Consistency was honestly so hard to grasp. Even when I was seeing results, I struggled to commit to my diet and my workout programme. However, I had to keep my goals in mind and I always focused on just how badly I wanted to decrease the fat on my body. This helped me remain focused and  work harder and more regularly.

Craving unhealthy food was always my biggest enemy but I found a strategy to defeat falling into such a temptation by finding other healthier options that are a bit like the foods I craved. Keeping my goal in mind was always more helpful and made the process easier of keeping these foods out of my mouth. 

Completing a workout at first felt impossible however I began to overcome that through listening to motivation clips whilst exercising from the likes of Bishop T. D Jakes, Dr Eric Thomas and Les Brown. Keeping track of my progress gave me motivation to actually be better than I was from  the last time.

God has always been my greatest helper. It was through Him healing and restoring my strength in my spiritual life that enabled me to be able to be more determined especially with changing my .circumstance. Looking at other people’s success weight loss stories gave me additional hope. I learnt to rather transfer my anger or self loathe into energy that I will use as motivation for my next workout; along with painful memories as I was truly motivated to make more wonderful ones in the future.
Be patient and persistent. Begin to understand that we each have different bodies and that our paths won’t be the same. It may take you longer to show progress, however; that shouldn’t hinder you from working harder.
Fall in love with the journey rather than rushing to get to your destination. Be content about the results you’ve gained as you work harder towards those you would love to attain. Love yourself through the process as it will make the process better and easier.