Weightloss story from @niquabee
For years I have been trying to lose weight, but I never was serious. After reaching my highest weight of 264lbs I knew I needed a change. One day I woke up and I said God I’m going to give this one more HONEST try.  I was the girl who would literally Google “ways to lose weight without exercising” no seriously.
I began working out with Bow Flex. I live on an island in The Bahamas (Long Island) and I do not have access to a gym. All of my workouts are based around things I can do in the comfort of my home. I also walk every other day. Immediately I was given a meal plan. I cut out sodas, fried foods, chips etc. I saw results from our hard work immediately. I am proud to say I have lost a total of 39lbs. 
November 7th 2016 (blue) – March 5th 2017 (black)
My advice to anyone who has been struggling with their weight for years is to know that IT IS POSSIBLE! You don’t have to have a gym, you can start by simply walking.  Stop eating a certain food each day etc. I may not be to close to where I want to be…but I’m far from where I was! Celebrate your progress!  “The goal is to not give up!”