Black girl joy activitiesDecember is to me the feeling you get when you rip your bra off at the end of a long day. If ‘waiting to exhale’ was a month, for me, it’s December.

All I want to do is chill out, spend time with the ones I love and be generous to myself.

Alas! I am now in the thick of adulting with a few little people and husband counting on me to pull all the stops and make the Christmas magic happen. The pressure!

Between festive home decorating, gift buying, meal planning for Christmas, parties, get togethers and the hustle and bustle that is part and parcel of December, it can feel like doing for everyone else and leaving yourself last on the to do list.

Over the years I’ve had to hold myself to the ears and collect some sense. Motherhood doesn’t have to mean misery or losing yourself.

I’ve managed to find a happy balance by claiming December as my own too.

Prioritising my self-care is how I enter the new year feeling nourished, not run down and burnt-out. I like to plan a perfect mix of activities and downtime to also allow for personal reflection on the year and goal setting for the new year.

Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished -Lao Tzu

So far, here’s what my December is looking like: evening movie marathons, purging my cluttered wardrobe, nature walks, getting my hair braided, nails done, indulging in artisan desserts and tasty bakes, spending a little more than my budget would allow and whatever else tickles my fancy.

Hopefully my activity ideas inspire you to reclaim your joy this season.

1. DIY home spa treatment

Black girl joy activities

2. Curl up with a book

3. Print and frame a few of your favourite pictures of 2022

Black Girl Photography

4. Ugly cry to your favourite soppy movie

5. Meditate and Manifest

Black girl Meditating

6. Order something in your Amazon shopping bag

7. Dress up from head to toe ‘just because’

8. Paint your nails

Blck girl nails

9. Deep condition your hair

10. Take a scenic winter walk

11. Go to sleep in fancy lingerie

12. Exfoliate your face, neck and décolletage

Black girl joy activities

13. Make a signature hot drink

14. Enjoy a guilt free Youtube marathon

15. Try a winter sport

Black girl ice skating

16. Organise afternoon tea for you and your faves

17. Visit a museum, art exhibition or cultural event

18. Call a long-time friend for a chat or laugh

black girl joy activities

19. Take your bestie out for a date

20. Dutty wine in the middle of your living room like no one’s watching

21. Spend the night at a hotel

Black girl luxury hotel stay

22. Write a poem to capture your mood, a moment or a memory frozen in time

23. Declutter and organise your closet and donate unwanted/unused items

Black girl Decluttering

24. Take a luxurious bubble bath

25. Make your new year bucket list

26. Paint a blank canvas

27. Rearrange a room in your house

28. Buy yourself flowers

29. Carry out a small act of kindness for a family, friend, neighbour or stranger

30. Dine at a new restaurant

Black girl dining

31. Treat yourself to a new duvet set that makes you feel abundant

I’d love to see you basking in your black girl joy. Share with me using the hashtag: #afrogirlfitness

Estella xx