The new year has brought with it a new craze on social media; with just 2 weeks into the new year, we have the ’10 year challenge’ where people share pictures of themselves 10 years ago alongside one taken recently often showing how they’ve ‘glowed up’ and haven’t aged a day, or how much better their lives have become .

The challenge has been widely shared across all social media platforms and right now if you log on to any of your social media you’ll see your friends have joined the challenge. What makes the challenge more interesting is that some people have even shared as far back as their baby pictures and family albums.

It was only natural that our Inspirational fit-fam community who have worked their butts off to get in the best shape of their life jump on the challenge to share their amazing before and after fitness and weight-loss transformation pics. No doubt they are inspiring and prove that with consistency and patience, hard work does pay off!

Fly, fit and Fabulous: Take a look at just some of the amazing #10yearchallenge  fitness transformations pics

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