brittany black girl weight loss

Brittany experienced weight gain after a tension filled period that involved the death of her mother and a painful divorce. Her self-esteem was hit during this trying time, and so she took to building herself up physically and mentally. Read on to learn the steps she took to get fit and feel fine again.

What got you started on your fitness journey?

After going through a painful marriage separation and divorce, to losing my mother unexpectedly 4 months later and learning how to navigate through life completely on my own all in the last 6 years; my weight suffered and before I knew it, I had reached 283lbs. I was unhappy with how I looked physically, my confidence suffered, and I did not feel myself. I did not feel attractive.

It was in that moment after looking at myself in a photo that I realized I had to do something and fast.

I knew that once we started to quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic March 2020 that if I didn’t start then, my weight would have kept climbing. I committed myself to change and self-love.

What did your fitness routine look like?

I started at first walking at my local park for 30 minutes a few times a week and about a month later I began weight training 5-6 days a week with a personal trainer.

Tell us the changes you made to your diet

As far as my diet goes, I just increased my water intake to 1 gallon a day, I started making healthier food choices such as cutting back on sweets, (my weakness) fast food, & wine. I focused on lean protein and vegetables mostly. I didn’t deprive myself of my favourite foods I just didn’t eat them as much or as often as I did before.

Where are you now on your journey?

1 year later, I am down -72lbs & counting and feel amazing! My confidence has increased significantly, and I have found a new love for working out and training daily. I invested in myself, and all my hard work has paid off and now I just want to inspire others. If just one person, then it’s all worth it. This whole process has taught me that if I stay consistent and disciplined, success is inevitable.

Connect with Brittany: Social media @brittmarie_41