Raw Apple Cider Vinegar With the mother (1Liter)


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• Organic, Undiluted, raw and unfiltered

• Contains the ‘mother’

• Made 100% from apples – No preservatives

• Natural health tonic

• Unpasteurised- contains gut friendly bacteria

• Pasteurised vinegar doesn’t have any probiotic benefits. Pasteurised vinegar is typically clear, which means it has been boiled. These vinegars are easily available at the big super markets


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Our Apple Cider Vinegar has a great tasting, smooth apple flavour. The cider vinegar is made in small batches from freshly crushed apples which have been allowed to mature. ACV is suitable for all your cooking. Apple cider with the mother is known to reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, improve symptoms of diabetes and aid weight-loss



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